Finding the right size and fit for your body


Since everyone’s body is different there is no one-size-fits-all approach to selecting the best shape and size when it comes to breast implants. There are also factors that come into play that only your surgeon can assess to help you choose the best implants for you.

Implants generally come in two shapes, round and tear drop (anatomical). Choosing the best shape for your desired results depends on whether you want more cleavage, a more natural look, a lift or greater fullness.


Round implants for lift, cleavage, and fullness

Round implants come in a range of diameters and degrees of projection. The variety on offer makes it much easier to tailor new breasts to suit body and breast type. Their smooth, soft outer shell makes them look and feel more natural. They also react to movement in much the same way as natural breast tissue, which adds to their natural look and feel.


Teardrop implants for a more natural look

Like their name suggests, teardrop implants are fuller at the bottom and thinner at the top thereby mimicking the shape of natural breasts.  Manufactured using thicker silicone gel than round implants, teardrop implants hold a definite shape, which makes them more popular amongst patients wanting a specific shape or to emphasize certain areas of the breast. They also come in a wide variety of sizes to aid in proportional aesthetics.


Smooth vs. textured

Round implants can be smooth or textured since rotation is not a problem. Teardrop implants on the other hand have a textured surface to keep them in place due to their shape.


Make an informed decision

Since selecting breast implants is quite a complex process that requires a detailed consultation, I advise patients not to make any firm decisions until we have discussed their body type and the size and shape that would best suit them. This ensures that every patient leaves my practice feeling confident and happy with their results.

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