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It is a fairly common request at most plastic surgeons offices: “My friend had implants, and I would like the same result as hers.” It sounds like an easy task, but the reality is there are numerous dynamics at play, and more often than not the starts do not align. Here’s why.

From a clinical perspective, each women’s breast size and shape is determined by a number of factors:

  • Skin quality
  • Breast tissue density
  • Body frame – i.e. wide vs. narrow shoulders
  • Environmental factors – childbirth or athlete

This immediately creates differences between separate individuals’ existing breasts, not even taking into account size and shape, which creates obvious surgical differences.  Other factors taken in the surgical approach is that of implant profile, placement and incision.

Breast augmentation as a surgery is not necessarily complicated but the decisions made prior to surgery will greatly affect the outcome. The site of incision will be decided upon based on a number of factors, some of which are listed below:


Implant size/volume

Implant size is mostly a question of volume. How much volume do your breasts need and what is considered safe based upon body size. It makes sense that larger volume implants will require larger incisions, and also that perhaps your friend’s body when compared to yours would necessitate different volume implants.


Implant profile

Breast shape post augmentation is governed by implant profile. For example, high profile implants will create a rounder breast when compared to a low profile implant that tends to create a more natural breast shape with volume in the lower pole.

The decision of profile will be made according to your aesthetic goals. Perhaps you are undergoing breast augmentation such that an increased volume in the upper pole will create a larger cleavage, or perhaps post childbirth you have lost volume but would like to maintain your existing breast shape.



Once the above-mentioned has been decided upon, a surgeon will then need to evaluate the incision and placement options for the safest result. Placement options will be discussed at length during the consultation, and the most intelligent will be chosen. For example, trying to insert a very large implant through an inappropriate incision would be foolish and lead to poor outcome. Each factor needs to be balanced to ensure both safety and future satisfaction.

Much of breast augmentation surgery is combining the patients’ desired aesthetic result with a safe, minimum risk approach to match specific body types.

I am flattered as a surgeon by patients who walk into the consulting room requesting a specific shape, size and incision based on an outstanding result that was achieved for their friend. The reality is, however, that to achieve the same result, we will need to evaluate you, your body, your existing breast tissue and together we will make the best decision for your desired results.

Don’t be shy to make an appointment with me to discuss any of this in more detail.

If you are considering breast implants, it is a wonderful idea to search for, and bring examples of your desired outcome but know that there are limitations. Book a consultation and together you and I can discuss what is possible.

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