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Aesthetic Surgery has significantly advanced since the first breast augmentation procedure in 1961 and now offers more safety and choice for results that match individual proportions. It is now possible to enhance one’s figure and yet still achieve a natural look and feel. This is one factor that has caused the upsurge in the popularity of Breast Augmentation surgery.

Another factor contributing to the rise in women receiving augmentation is that the science and technology used to create the materials used in breast implants has evolved allowing them to have reduced risk and become considerably less prone to unwanted complications such as ruptures and leakage.

Additionally, surgical technique has also progressed and doctors now have the choice of multiple points of entry and have an improved knowledge on how to minimize unwanted scarring.


Minimized Risk of Scarring

If you carry the common anxiety that a boost may leave unsightly scarring you are not alone. Understanding the incision point options and the pros and cons of each can help soothe apprehensions regarding unwanted scarring.

It is also worth noting that topical scar care-creams have advanced and Plastic Surgeons can now offer excellent after-care scar management plans.


Understanding Entry Point Options

There are three main incision points approved for use in the Breast Augmentation procedure. From each of these starting points, the surgeon will work to create a pocket. This pocket can either be above or below the muscle. The implant is then placed into the pocket.

You and your surgeon should work together to choose what will work best for you based on your goals, the implants chosen,  and desired aesthetics.

Excellent results can be created with any of the recommended insertion procedures.


Periareolar Incision

This entry point is located around the rim of the areola directly between where the two skin tones of the areola and surrounding breast meet.

Pros Include:

  • Strategically placing the incision here may allow a scar to be very discreet
  • Direct access to implant placement site, which reduces remote bruising
  • Gives the surgeon excellent control and visibility when placing the implant


  • Some individuals may not want this area operated on
  • Possibility of losing some nipple sensation (most women experience this as a temporary side-effect)
  • May negatively affect the ability to breastfeed in the future
  • Might carry a slightly higher risk of infection as implant is exposed to bacteria present in the milk ducts during placement


Inframammary Incision

This entry point is located within the natural fold of the breast i.e. where the breast and skin of the rib cage meet.

Pros Include:

  • Allows the surgeon to see the area very clearly while creating the pocket.
  • Maximum control in positioning due to close proximity
  • Individuals with more pronounced folds naturally disguise the scar
  • Can be used for sub-muscular or sub-glandular placement
  • Any visible scarring is easily hidden by normal lines of undergarments or bikini tops.
  • Excellent for silicone gel implants


  • Even though it might be small, there will be a scar on the breast tissue
  • Scar may be visible when lying down


Transaxillary / Endoscopic Incision

This entry point is located in the natural crease of the armpit. An endoscope camera may be employed to guide the surgeon while creating the pocket and placing the implant through a channel that goes from the armpit to the breast.

Pros Include:

  • No breast tissues scarring as the incision point is elsewhere
  • Scarring commonly difficult to see as it may blend with natural armpit folds
  • Considered the least visible scarring location
  • Might be the best choice for sub-muscular placement


  • Silicone implants require a slightly longer scar that might be visible around the hemline of some shirts or clothing
  • Possibly a higher risk of asymmetry in implant placement
  • May carry a slightly higher risk of internal trauma


Making Informed Decisions

It is important that you feel confident and comfortable with the doctor you choose. Choosing a surgeon who is experienced, board certified and qualified is the first step towards getting the best results from your Breast Augmentation.

Working closely with me, together we will consider your ideals and the aesthetic image you desire. We will also examine how to best facilitate a look that takes into consideration factors such as size, profile, placement, as well as breast form. Within this discussion we will also evaluate your full range of choices, what your body structure can accommodate, and your health history.


A Procedure as Individual as You Are

In my practice, I take the specifics you want to address in your procedure very seriously as patient satisfaction and well-being is of utmost concern. I make time to hear your concerns and help answer your questions including those on how to minimize scarring.

Contact me and schedule a consultation today. Working with your unique set of ideals and my medical knowledge and experience, we can customize your procedure to be as unique as you are, and to help attain the aesthetic result you long for.

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