Getting the Basics Right

Investing In Ideas

It can be challenging in today’s culture to avoid falling trap to stereotypes regarding Plastic Surgeons and even those interested in Aesthetic Procedures. These do not make it past my practice door as I am committed to treating individuals just as they are as – unique individuals! Staff and myself work to ensure that the experience you have in my Sandton clinic is just as distinctive as your personal needs are.

Your overall satisfaction is important to me whether you decide to pursue a procedure or decide against.

Your overall satisfaction is woven into the journey that begins the first time you call my office to seek a consultation and ends only after the last needs in your aftercare are met. It is important to me that you have a healthy and positive experience with me as a Surgeon and that this extends to your dealings with my practice staff.

We must build a relationship of mutual trust so that your needs are met and so that I can do my best to ensure your health and well-being.

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The importance of keeping it Positive

My mission is not to treat your condition or concerns as separate from who you are, but rather to approach you as a whole person and treat you as such at every step in the process.

In my practice we do our best to make sure that you never feel as if you are being ‘processed’ as a potential client. Our goal is to create a comfortable environment for you to feel relaxed and truly listened too. Please be aware that this means we are open to adapting our process to suit your needs. This can take many forms but could include; taking extra time with you or scheduling you especially for when the office is quiet, etc.


Valuing You & your process means 

  • I take time to listen

Schedule an initial consultation, if you have questions and concerns you need to discuss.

  • Dialogue not Monologue – We have a conversation

You are not best described by boxes checked on a form. You are best described by you. When we consult I will not rapid fire yes or no questions at you. Instead we will sit down and converse about what has brought you in for a consult and what your needs, fears, body image and expectations are. However, we do need to clarify your medical history for safety.

I am willing and I want to connect with you as a person.

  • Thoroughness Matters – I want to hear your history

Your health history is important. This includes more than what procedures you have had in the past or what has affected your family members. It also means hearing if you have had previous negative experiences in a healthcare settings so that we can take that into account in our efforts to ensure you are safe and comfortable.

  • Caring about the little things.

Many people conjure up ghastly images when they think of injections or incisions. Perhaps medical professionals in their past did not practice due diligence or maybe you have just heard stories which scare you; in the past there have been some crimes of malpractice. While it is very normal to have some anxiety regarding injections and incisions you should know that my staff and I utilize every available method and do our utmost to ensure that you don’t experience unnecessary discomfort. Aesthetic medicine has come a long way, there is no need for “plastic-fake-result”.

  • Creating an Environment conducive to Well-being

We work to create a calm and soothing environment. Our practice is not similar to a hospital environment which many people have negative associations with. Great care is taken to ensure a sterile setting and yet we strive to make sure that it is a place where you can feel welcome.

  • Upholding your Dignity

At my practice we will treat you with the respect that you deserve. Your concerns will not be belittled and your questions will not be dismissed. It is my goal to ensure that no matter what brings you into my practice, you experience more than just professionalism. Upholding your dignity means that you are cared for with empathy and that your inherent self-worth is recognized, you are not just going to be seen but heard.


Don’t let anxiety keep you from seeking Medical Advice

If you suffer from a high amount of medical anxiety or have had a bad experience in the past you should know that you deserve better and we aim to create an experience that treats you holistically, builds your confidence, and is something to feel positive about.

We are the practice with a difference. Caring for you as an individual so we can make a positive difference in how you experience both the process & the results. 

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