Breast Augmentation & Botox: the most searched treatments in RSA

Beautiful, flawless female face - plastic surgery

According to Google results, South African women are commonly looking for medical ways to enhance their physical body. The two terms which Google reported were most searched for were ‘Breast Augmentation” and “Botulinum toxin”.

The sirens’ call of beauty

The bodies being used to sell material commodities in advertising are repetitive in their perfection. An hourglass waist, ample symmetrical breasts, perfectly smooth and blemish-free skin, and a face as unlined as a cloudless sky.

You will not see stretch marks left as a result of bringing Life into the world or even as much as one dimple of cellulite.


Complex relationships with our bodies is the norm

Statistics show us that women are choosing surgery as a way to alter their bodies more than ever. However, research is also highlighting that the reasons one chooses surgery will affect their long-term satisfaction afterwards. This is well worth noting.

It is completely normal for many individuals to have a complicated relationship with their body or aspects of it. Especially if they have a congenital condition or have physical scars from trauma or injury. It is also normal for individuals to wish that their genetic attributes  were different, for example, dye can easily alter the colour of one’s hair

The pursuit of change can shift into destructive territory if or when an individual becomes convinced and obsessed with the notion that drastic, aggressive, or surgical intervention is the only recourse to feel better about their bodies and themselves. Individuals can mistakenly come to think that without surgery, they are doomed to live unsatisfying lives trapped inside a body that makes them feel ugly all the while being denied happiness. This is not true, as our aesthetics are not and should not be the sole determiner of how we enjoy our lives. This might sound paradoxical coming from a Plastic Surgeon, but please note that I do understand that aesthetics are a part (one part) of our self-identity.

This is one of the reasons why I offer Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery.


More than surgery

If you wish to learn more about the possible ways of creating a positive perception of your body please click here.

There are a multitude of non-surgical options for many of the body features that individuals want to address. The power of lifestyle changes such as exercise targeted at specific trouble spots should not be underestimated. Dietary changes which include cutting refined-sugar and alcohol and increasing fruits, vegetables, and healthy whole foods should also not be easily dismissed. Patients now have access to a wide range of medically researched and formulated advanced topical skincare solutions. These often make use of Hyaluronic Acid, vitamin compounds, and other ingredients to revitalize skin which has lost its building-blocks for healthy cells.


Still want Surgery

Aesthetic practices are growing and there is a wide variety of choice. Many doctors tout procedures as a sort of ‘fairy dust’ which has inherent power to bring about the best things in life. Don’t believe the hype.

Women who understand the limitations of surgery are the most likely to benefit from procedures because they have insight and realistic expectations.

If you are looking at aesthetic surgery as an option, examine and know your own motives. Self-education and self-awareness is a vital combination that contributes heavily to one’s feeling of satisfaction if one chooses to pursue a medical intervention. I take time to listen to the individuals who schedule a consultation. I listen to what they hope to achieve, explain the full range of options, and discuss risks alongside realistic benefits.


The inside out truth

Surgery is not a one stop journey whose destination is happiness. Before choosing surgery, be introspective on your values and examine what other areas of your life might benefit from transformation. Creating your own joy may be the ultimate secret to timeless beauty. 

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