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Curiosity is a good thing, getting accurate answers is even better. Here are 10 common questions about Breast Augmentation surgery answered simply. You don’t have to wonder when you can know!


1. Why do women consider Breast Augmentation?

The answer to this question is highly subjective and nearly impossible to pin down to one simple reason. Each individual woman will have a unique set of factors and reasons why she is considering breast surgery.

Overall, Breast Augmentation surgery continues to gain popularity because altering breast size can play a large role in overall body aesthetics. The desire to have different, larger, or more evenly-shaped breasts is experienced by many women. For some, the choice to undergo Breast Augmentation positively affects how they feel about their bodies.

Anytime surgery is under consideration, it is important for an individual to be able to identify and be aware of their own reasons for exploring or deciding upon Cosmetic Surgery.


2. Do Breast Implants make your breasts look fake?

No. It is completely possible for a Breast Augmentation procedure to achieve a natural look and appearance. In the field of Aesthetics, the techniques and implants available have evolved to support the growing number of individuals who desire an enhanced chest that is congruent with their body size and type.

Placement, position, and type of implant will all play a role in the results of surgery. The surgeon you choose should be able and willing to explain all the options in detail to you during a consultation.


3. How is a Breast Augmentation Procedure done?

A Breast Augmentation is a surgical procedure that takes place in theatre under General Anaesthesia. It can usually be completed in 1 hour. An incision is carefully made, through which an implant is inserted and carefully positioned. Some specifics (such as incision length and placement) will vary on a case-by-case basis – depending on the type of implant used and where it is placed.


4. What is the best size for Breast Implants?

Breast Augmentation is not a one-size fits all procedure. The best size for breast implants depends entirely on your unique body, needs, and desires. Together you and the surgeon you choose will discuss in detail what the right choice for you is. The size recommended for you ought to take into account your reasons for seeking augmentation and the aesthetic proportions that you seek. It should also include practical details such as current breast size, height, weight and overall body shape which includes your chest and shoulder circumference.


5. What is the best type of implants?

This question is best answered by your surgeon in relation to your particular goals. Silicone has evolved considerably since its first use in Cosmetic Surgery and the latest form-stable silicone implants, known as ‘gummi-bear implants’, check all the boxes for some. For others, saline implants may make the most sense.

Which implants you choose will consider age, desired results, size, and whether you still plan to have children in the future.


6. Will Breast Augmentation leave a Scar?

Yes, all breast surgeries will leave a scar. Incision’s for Breast Augmentation are considerably smaller than they used to be. There are three standard incision points for Breast Augmentation & each have their own merits. Your surgeon and you will decide on an incision point before surgery. To minimize scarring it is important to follow after-care procedures in detail. There are also new advanced homecare products formulated to assist with diminishing the appearance of scars.


7. What is recovery like after a Breast Augmentation?

As Breast Augmentation is a surgical procedure it requires scheduled downtime. It is normal for there to be swelling and bruising on the surgery site; which will diminish daily. Acute pain typically subsides in 24 to 48 hours. The surgeon you choose will work with you to ensure effective pain management. Here is an article detailing the 1st 4 weeks post-op.

Supportive garments are always used after Breast Augmentation to assist in controlling any swelling and to aid in keeping implant placement stable. Your recovery instructions will tell you when you can switch from compression/support garments to softer cotton bra’s.

Most individuals are able to resume light activity within a week following surgery. Exercise routines, lifting, and other certain activities should be adapted until healing is complete.

Depending on procedure specifics and the surgeon you choose; recovery guidelines may differ. It is of utmost importance to follow the instructions of your doctor precisely.


8. When will I see the results of my Breast Augmentation?

Four to six months is needed to see the results of a Breast Augmentation Surgery. Recovery will need to be complete before the shape and size are fully stable. Most implants have a required time needed to ‘settle’. It is best not to purchase any new shape-wear or bra’s until 3-4 months have passed. From then on, the size should remain the same and you can safely go shopping for new garments to enjoy the results.


9. How do I pick a Breast Augmentation surgeon?

It is common for women to visit more than one doctor before deciding who they want as a surgeon. Whomever you decide upon should be board certified, experienced specifically in Breast Augmentation surgery, willing to provide examples of their work, and possess a sterling reputation. Above and beyond credentials; it is vital that you feel comfortable with your surgeon. You have the right to feel respected and listened to, have concerns taken seriously, and questions addressed and answered thoroughly. A doctor and their staff should never pressure you to make a decision.

Here is an article which offers tips towards deciding upon the right Cosmetic Surgeon for you.


10. How does one get the best results from a Breast Augmentation?

To get the best results from surgery and to minimize unnecessary risk. One ought to:
· Research different surgeons before making a choice
· Have a stable weight & be close to one’s ideal weight at time of surgery
· Ask any and all questions!
· Have realistic expectations
· Know your reasons for exploring surgery as an option
· Communicate any & all concerns beforehand and be confident with answers given
· Be committed to healthy lifestyle choices


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