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Sea, sun and sand have always been the perfect recipe for showing a little more skin. Swimwear companies are happy to indulge the tradition by giving us a large array of vintage, trendy, fun, and flashy bikini’s, cut-outs, and one-pieces.

It’s fair to say that part of enjoying the surf and one’s beach is taking in the scene. One element of this is the chance to see the diversity in what human bodies look like. There is nothing like a crowded beach to showcase how different and varied the human body is.

What the world (i.e. ‘we’) see as beautiful breasts continues to evolve and like most things Aesthetics also experiences trends. Here are some top trends you are likely to see poolside or at the sea.

To Note: This article is only looking at Aesthetic Trends, it’s not meant to affirm one sort of body or shame any other sort. All shapes and sizes have their own beauty!


Aesthetic Trends in Breast Augmentation

· More breasts that have been enhanced!

Breast surgery including augmentation procedures continues to grow ever more popular. Millions of women each year around the globe decide to change, alter, or enhance their chest. New surgical techniques and types of implants make it a truly customizable surgery. This summer you will likely see more surgically enhanced breasts in bikinis than ever before as more women are making the aesthetic changes that they want too.


· The biggest breasts aren’t necessarily the enhanced ones!

Bigger bust size doesn’t always mean that someone has had a Breast Augmentation surgery. When Breast Augmentation using silicone implants first started it was novel and new. The fashion was to be indulgent, go big, and get ‘wow’ sized breasts. In recent times this trend has started to reverse itself. Many women who were eager to receive extra-large DD and FF breast-cup sizes have changed their mind and subsequently changed their size. Celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Pamela Anderson both got very large implants only to downsize them later. While there are women who still want a more dramatic result, the trend is moving towards a more natural look.


· Small chests that have been subtly enhanced.

Petite breasts are now considered attractive. The days of a well-proportioned ‘b’ cup being ‘too small’ might be fading into the past. These modest enhancements (or reductions!) have such a natural result & suit the individual’s frame – that ‘having-work-done’ just doesn’t come to mind. Celebrities such as Iggy Azeala have led this new trend. She has spoken openly about giving her breasts a ‘boost’ and the pictures show it was a tiny one. The ‘‘mini-boob’ job is now a thing and that’s definitely something new!


· Naturally Shaped Augmented Breasts, impossible to tell.

Big, round, forever-perky breasts were the shape most desired in times past. Now, women are opting for a more ‘natural’ appearance. The invent of anatomically-shaped & form-stable silicone implants now allows for Breast Augmentation results that do not look dissimilar to natural breasts in rise, fall, and slope. New implant placement techniques such as sub-muscular can also achieve a more natural look. This means that you can get the size you want and still look natural.


· The perfect size is the size that is perfect for you!

The biggest trend in Aesthetics is personalization. As most surgical and non-surgical procedures are customizable, a range of options is now available. No longer do women feel the same pressure to have a specific cup size. Instead they want the right size for their frame, body type, and aesthetic-goals.


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