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The variety of different Breast Implant shapes available means that you and your surgeon can design a procedure that is best suited to your preference, what you find beautiful, and the aesthetic you desire.

In the past many women opted for ‘bigger is better” and truth be told at that point in time the alternatives had not yet been developed. The evolution of implants themselves paired with advances in surgical technique is largely responsible for modern options.w


The Shape of You

Choice is a great thing. Women looking to alter their breast shape, size, symmetry or placement have more options than ever before. Now, many women are pursuing a more subtle and naturally augmented look. There is no longer any such thing as a ‘standard’ breast augmentation or reconstruction; regardless of what you would like to achieve with Breast Augmentation.

Here is what you should know about different implant options available today:


The Different Shapes

There are two basic shapes of implants available. One is a round shaped implant. The other is an anatomical also referred to as tear-dropped shaped implant. What can be achieved with these shapes is more than you might expect. All implants are manufactured with various ‘profiles’.
‘Profile’ refers to how the base relates to the projection. A high profile implant has a narrower base with greater projection, as opposed to a low profile implant which is broad and flat.

High profile implants are the most popular choice for Breast Augmentation procedures.


“Accentuated” Augmentations

This type of augmentation is still the choice for many individuals. For augmentation aimed at enhancing and accentuating the bust with dramatic results, round implants are usually chosen. Placement takes place higher on the chest (In younger women, the breast landmarks haven’t dropped). Implants may be placed above the chest muscle (i.e. sub-glandular). The size of the implants is likely to be larger in these procedures. These factors combine to help create impressive cleavage, a striking body contour, and very curvy new shape.


Natural-looking Augmentations

This augmentation goal employs anatomical shaped implants to achieve a more subtle, naturally enhanced look. Placement of implant is commonly under the chest muscle for stabilization as it is imperative the implant does not shift or move. Various sizes are available but to achieve the natural look, a conservative size is usually chosen and the volume of the implants limited. Furthermore, the width of the implant is of particular note. During surgery, effort is made to ensure the nipple is placed on the part of the breast that most protrudes. These elements combine to create a breast which matches the existing body structure of the individual and has a slight down slope towards the nipple. Breast Implants that have the shape, feel, and movement of natural breast tissue, can be placed low on the chest so as not to seem unnaturally perky.


The Question of Texture

Silicone breast implants may have a surface that is either smooth or textured. Round implants may be smooth or textured and anatomically shaped implants are all textured.

The textured surface of an anatomical shaped implant is meant to ensure that the implant is stable once placed and does not shift or move after placement. The circular shape of a round implant means that it can move without a negative effect (ie. it can rotate without any effect upon its appearance) and therefore does not need a textured surface to increase stability.


A Special Note on Reconstruction

The goals of reconstruction may be different than for those individuals looking to enhance, augment, perk, or achieve symmetry. Some distinctive techniques and specific implants may be recommended for use during reconstruction surgery. This includes the possibility of placing the implant during a mastectomy procedure.

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Dr Potgieter is an established, reputable, board-certified Plastic Surgeon located in Sandton. Breast Augmentation is the most popular procedure in his state-of-the-art and comfortable clinic. Dr Potgieter offers the 2nd consultation prior to a booked surgery for free as he is committed to ensuring that you feel confident in whatever choices you make.


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