Small Volume Liposuction is an excellent option for people who want to target specific areas of fat

for precise contouring results.


Small Volume Liposuction is the answer to shaping-up those stubborn areas with little-to-no downtime and results that will have you confident and ready for summer swimwear and upcoming holidays.


Body Contouring Options

Liposuction is a one of the most commonly requested and performed Aesthetic procedures globally and it continues to gain popularity. Liposuction, in the past, was generally confined to the removal of large volumes of unwanted fat. In recent years, a new trend is emerging. The option of Small Volume Liposuction is increasingly being considered as it provides exceptional results with minimized risk.

The difference between High Volume & Low Volume Liposuction

High Volume Liposuction is loosely defined as a procedure that removes three litres or more of excess fat and fluid from the body for dramatic results. Low Volume Liposuction, however, is not defined by an exact amount of fat removed.

As its name suggests, Low Volume Liposuction deals in eliminating lesser quantities of fat. As such it is viewed as a less complex procedure that carries fewer potential complications than High Volume Liposuction.


Who benefits from Small Volume Liposuction?

Small Volume Liposuction is perfect for those looking to conquer stubborn areas containing extra fat that are resistant to change through diet and exercise. It is valuable where shaping is to be specific and subtle.

Areas where Small Volume Liposuction can be used effectively include:

· Love-handles
· Lower abdomen
· Neck
· Upper Arm
· Thighs
· Knees
· Ankles


Benefits of Small Volume Liposuction

The advantages of Low Volume Liposuction originate in it being a considerably less intensive process than high-volume. These are further increased when the procedure is conducted by a skilled surgeon allowing the exactitude in which it is carried out to deliver impressive results.

Don’t let time stop you from getting the shape you want. Small Volume Liposuction can be scheduled on a Friday and you can be back to work within a few days.


Shorter Recovery Time

Recovery time is considerably quicker than with Large Volume Liposuction.

Recovery time is decreased directly due to the smaller volume of fat being removed. This allows the body to regain equilibrium after fluid loss faster and react with a minimal inflammatory response.

Most individuals will find that they can be up-and-about within 24 hours. Back at work and out-and-about within 5-7 days and resume normal activities within one week of Small Volume Liposuction. Soreness is minimal and there is often no need for the wearing of compression garments for an extended period of time.


The Small Volume Liposuction Procedure

Small Volume Liposuction relies on surgical finesse for accuracy in results. Like other types of Liposuction, it is completed with the use of a surgical cannula and suction equipment. Unlike other types of Liposuction, it can often be performed in less than one hour in clinic. It can be conducted with the use of only local anaethesia & as such does not incur the risks and recovery time associated with general anaethesia. These factors can also make Small Volume Liposuction a more affordable option for some individuals.


Choosing a Doctor

Choosing a doctor is as important as deciding on a procedure. A reputable, experienced, and officially board-certified surgeon is essential.

Dr Potgieter offers a personalized experience where you receive the care and consideration you deserve.

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