Past the Pink – Breast Health All Year Long

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It’s now been 3 months since October – the month officially designated for Breast Health Awareness. Once the pink meme’s and posters have been taken down, it can be easy to let the importance of Breast Health slip out of mind especially in the busy excitement of starting a New Year. Having a focus during one month is great but maximizing Breast Health means keeping it in mind every day.


Fight Fear with Knowledge!

Don’t let scary statistics rule how you think about Breast Health. Instead empower yourself with facts about your personal risk factors and the decisions you can take to reduce them. Breast cancer can strike at any age so prevention is important at every age.


Cultivating Breast Awareness

Beginning with self breast exams – when done regularly they give you a baseline for what is normal for you and your body. They also perform the important function of directing our awareness and reminding us to take stock of our Breast Health and our whole health wellness in general.

ReThink Breast Cancer – a Canadian non-profit organization has this tip for being Breast Aware based on the acronym TLC.

Touch: Feel Anything Unusual?
Look: See any changes or something different?
Check: Take anything that doesn’t seem right, and check with your doctor!


· Not Just Lumps; Learn to Recognize other Signs and Symptoms

Be on the lookout during your Breast TLC for pain, inflammation, unusual thickening of tissue or bumpy areas, breast or nipple shape changes, discharge, rash around the nipple, and skin texture.


Beyond the Breast Exam: Education Empowers!

Going beyond the breast exam to include these other important elements of Breast Health.


· Know your Risk

High Risk Factors include: Family History, Genetics, & Exposure to Radiation Treatment
Moderate Risk Factors include: Personal Health History and Hormonal & Lifestyle Factors


· Decrease Your Risk Factors

You can mitigate some risk factors with lifestyle choices. It is never too late to choose to live healthily! This includes getting physically active, achieving a Healthy Body Mass Index (BMI), limiting one’s alcohol intake, reducing environmental toxins when and if possible.


· Stay Calm

Breast Cancer can be a very frightening topic but fear can shut us down and be very isolating. If your Breast Awareness leads to seeing something you think is unusual, resist the urge to freak-out and instead commend yourself for doing the best thing possible. Discovering a difference early! Get to your doctor but don’t panic. Consider going online and touching base with the community of women like this one – who have experienced what you have and are ready and willing to support you as you wait for your results.


‘You’ve Got the Power’

Breast health is vital to whole health wellness. Breast size is not a determiner for Breast Cancer. This means regardless of size, cultivating Breast Health Awareness is important for you! This extends to women with saline and silicone implants; they too need to be equally aware of Breast Health.


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