Don’t risk getting anything less than the best from your Cosmetic Surgery! Achieving optimum results requires preparing for surgery and being meticulous in post-surgery care.


Do’s and Don’ts for Pre- & Post- Cosmetic Surgery

Apply these before and after surgery to maximise the positive and minimize negatives:


Standard Do’s and Don’ts
· Do receive a clean bill of health with a pre-operative physical.
· Do get plenty of rest and stay hydrated.
· Do check with your doctor about any prescription medication.
· Don’t take any blood-thinning medications (ask about any herbals and vitamins).
· Don’t smoke or use nicotine products and avoid second-hand smoke.
· Don’t drink alcohol.

Smart Do’s and Don’ts
· Do seek medical advice on products to assist your body during preparation & recovery such as a homecare regime or exoliation, cleansing, and a seasonally appropriate moisturiser.
· Do arrange for childcare & care for your pets.
· Do find a caregiver capable of providing practical assistance to you for a minimum of 2 days after surgery!
· Don’t schedule anything for at least two weeks after surgery.
· Don’t overlook a stash of ‘easy to put-on’ loose-fitting lounge wear post-surgery.
· Don’t forget to ask any clarifying questions about the post-operative protocol.

Advanced Do’s and Don’ts
· Do feel calm and enthusiastic.
· Do fill prescriptions needed beforehand so you can go straight home.
· Do consider pairing your surgery with an additional procedure/s to make the most of your downtime. Recommended procedures will be unique to each individual but may include:

Chemical Peel Series, Liposuction, Small Volume Liposuction, Micro droplet hyaluronic acid and other Dermal Fillers.

· Don’t waste time or energy worrying.
· Don’t neglect entertainment needs. Stock-up beforehand with current magazines, a good book, podcasts, playlists, or a queued-up series to dive into.
· Don’t forget to stock up your fridge and freezer with easy-to-make nutritious meals.



Standard Do’s and Don’ts
· Do have someone available to drive for you after surgery.
· Do drink plenty of water.
· Do follow ALL the instructions advised by your Surgeon.
· Don’t give into the urge to peel back any dressings or closures to ‘peek’.
· Don’t consider taking a bath or a dip in the pool until the recommended waiting time is complete.
· Don’t drive while movement or reaction time is impaired.

Smart Do’s and Don’ts
· Do keep in touch with your doctor so you can ask any and all questions that arise as you recover.
· Do ensure you are getting enough fibre and use stool softeners if necessary.
· Do everything you can to keep your incisions dry and clean.
· Don’t take off your compression garments (unless bathing).
· Don’t forgo taking pain medication. Maintaining your comfort level can help you get the rest you need.
· Don’t allow anything or anyone distract you from the rest you require following surgery.

Advanced Do’s and Don’ts
· Do use approved products and follow your doctor’s advice for scar minimization care.
· Do be patient – results to take time emerge.
· Do listen to your body! Anything that stretches your incisions, causes discomfort, or feels awkward can and should wait!
· Don’t get tricked into getting back into the swing of things too soon because you are feeling better.
· Don’t underestimate the power of post-surgical attitude and actions in shaping your results and satisfaction.
· Don’t forget plenty of cushions and ice-packs (frozen corn and peas work well) to allow for maximum comfort.


3 Cosmetic Surgery Recovery Priorities

The reminders and hints, listed above, will help ensure things go smoothly. The 3 recovery priorities, listed below, will contribute to making your experience more pleasant and increase your satisfaction throughout the whole process, from start to finish:

Take It Easy
If your personality is one that likes to get back into the swing of things as quickly as possible, resist the urge. Whether you feel duty bound or are eager to show off the exciting new changes, rushing the healing process can lead to complications. It is not worth the risk. Wait until your doctor is happy for you to resume full activity.

Be Kind to You!
Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery can be an emotional experience. Aid your recovery process by giving yourself the time, space, and support to heal. Practice positivity and be assured that you can get back to the gym and your busy calender once you have rested and recovered sufficiently.

Choosing Well
Choosing the right doctor may be the number one factor that influences your surgery results. Insist on a reputable, experienced, well-respected Cosmetic Surgeon offering the highest standard of medical care. You have the right to be respected, listened too, and have your questions answered. You should feel comfortable with the surgeon you choose.

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