Not looking as young as you feel? Individuals seeking to re-fresh and rejuvenate their aesthetics now have more options than just a FaceLift, there are specific procedures that target the alteration of specific Facial Features.


Personalized Approaches to Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Advancing surgical techniques have extended the range of procedure possibilities to target localised concerns. These options can be utilized on their own or at times combined with each other. They are particularly well-suited to individuals in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s, who desire address a niggling concern centered around a singular facial feature. Beyond specificity, these modern alternatives are considered less invasive and may require a less extensive downtime and recovery than other surgeries.

Targeted surgeries allow for aesthetic goals to be achieved via the alteration of specific facial features.



This procedure addresses a slack underlying brow muscle to tighten skin. This includes lifting loose skin and eliminating substantial creases and deep wrinkles on the upper brow including furrows between the eyes. It can positively affect “crow’s feet” wrinkles, and eyebrow symmetry and placement. It can be paired with Blepharoplasty depending on an individual’s bone structure and aesthetic goals.



This procedure targets excess skin and fatty tissue pads specifically around the upper parts of the eyelid. While it may reduce wrinkles and fine lines surrounding the eye, it is primarily aimed at a substantial reduction of drooping or ‘heavy’ eyelids and/or an overly tired appearance. It is a straightforward procedure that can produce substantial affects.


Skin tightening for the Jawline

This procedure tightens sagging skin around the chin and jawline. A “double-chin” or “turkey-neck” is significantly ageing as they detract from an aesthetic facial balance. Loose jowls may occur at a fairly young age as they are influenced by genetics, anatomical skeletal structure, and lifestyle factors such as sun exposure. Addressing concerns in this area can offer a youthful appearance. Depending on the severity & causal location; a non-surgical approach to this concern or the more intensive Necklift might be recommended.



A Necklift can reduce excess neck fat, reduce and eliminate creases and banding (vertical or horizontal), and re-define the neckline. It entails surgery that tightens and repositions underlying muscle and removes fat layers. Small Volume Liposuction may also be employed in a combination surgery. A Necklift can range from simple to quite complex.



Mini Lifts should be precisely tailored to the individual. They are well-suited to individuals in or around middle age who are beginning to be bothered by visible ageing. They require minimal incisions which are small in size and can be discreetly placed. The surgery can reduce wrinkles, fine lines, lax skin, and improve overall texture, tone, and feature definition. Mini-Facelifts are considered by many to be an ideal personalized approach to address emerging signs of ageing.


Right for You?

Deciding which Aesthetic Procedure is right for you requires understanding what rewards and risks each procedure entails. Finding a surgeon you feel at ease with may mean investing in more than one consultation. Certifications, reputation, experience, and commitment to medical and service excellence are all of importance.


Dr Potgieter

Dr Potgieter will listen to your concerns, assess your current situation and offer possible surgical & non-surgical approaches that can create the desired effect. Cosmetic Surgery should never be approached in a one size fits all or in a general way. Discovering a route to achieving satisfaction should be based on your specific situation, aesthetics, health history, and desired results. Dr Potgieter can lend his professional expertise to designing an approach that suites you.

Note: Dr Potgieter will explain and provide non-surgical approaches when they are suitable options towards achieving your aesthetic goals.

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