Abdominoplasty is the medical term for a Tummy Tuck, an ever-popular procedure for good reasons. Topping the list is the surgery’s ability to shape and contour the tummy effectively and often dramatically.


Tummy ‘Troubles’

Tummies can be challenging to tame. Fat deposits are often resistant to even the most targeted exercise regimes, pregnancy can alter and stretch muscles and skin in the area, previous surgeries, accidents, or dramatic weight loss can leave unwanted stretchmarks, scars, and contribute excess skin.

For those who long be free of niggling “extra’s” in the tummy area, an Abdominoplasty can offer benefits.

Aesthetic Affects of a Tummy Tuck*

· Tightening of skin
· Fat Elimination
· Excess skin removal
· Firming of abdominal area
· Restore and/or Reposition separated muscles
· Reshaping
· Contouring
· Decreased Waistline
· Stretchmark &/ scar removal

*Aesthetic effects will vary depending on individual concerns and surgical technique employed.


Who is the Ideal Candidate for a Tummy Tuck?

The ideal candidate for Tummy Tuck surgery should:
· Have unwanted skin or fat in the abdominal area
· Be in good health
· At a stable weight
· Possess realistic expectations
· Have a positive attitude
· Be Aware of risks and rewards of surgery


What does a Tummy Tuck entail?

Tummy Tuck surgery can differ depending on the unique concerns, needs, and medical circumstances of each individual. Each variation will invariably incur an incision, the length of which can vary from quite small to fairly long. This incision is made as close to the pubic area therefore any possible scarring is concealed beneath undergarments. Through the incision, your surgeon will work to remove fat & re-position body tissue and muscles. Abdominoplasty can in certain cases be paired with Liposuction.

A Tummy Tuck takes place under general anaesthesia in the Operating Theatre. Depending on the specifics of the procedures – it requires between one and a half to two hours. Post-surgery requires a significant amount of recovery. If you are considering Cosmetic Surgery, you can click here for a list of Tips for Pre- & Post- Surgery.


Choosing a Surgeon for a Tummy Tuck

Find a surgeon who is experienced, and board certified in good standing. You should feel comfortable with the doctor that you choose, be able to be honest and communicate straightforwardly with them. They should take time to listen and respond to your questions and concerns and explain things such that you understand potential risks and rewards.


Dr. Anton Potgieter

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