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Investing in Your Ideal

Planning now, is the way to ensure aesthetic goals are reached in time for summer. Healthy habits in the form of nutritious eating is one component. Targeted, varied, and regular exercise as part of an active lifestyle is yet another (Read about the 8 week ab challenge). These two elements together can make a remarkable difference on one’s physical appearance. Often they are enough on their own but in some cases they may fall-short of bringing about the transformation one requires to bring one’s body in line with one’s ideal body shape.

As it is challenging to target breasts through exercise, this area is often more effectively addressed using Cosmetic Surgery.

If you are considering altering the appearance of your breasts it is useful to keep in mind that breast surgeries require around four weeks of healing that involves reduced movement. If you are looking to be ready for summer fashion freedom* the best time to decide to make a change is now.

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Breast Aesthetics

The fact that globally the most popular Cosmetic Surgery is Breast Surgery is notable. Breast Aesthetics are a large component of overall aesthetics. Surgery performed on the breasts can have a powerful effect on overall silhouette and shape. It can also positively contribute to confidence and self-esteem. The ideal Breast Aesthetics for you are unique.

Factors such as size, shape, symmetry, contour, and even the Areola and Nipple itself may play a role.


Breast Surgeries Available at Dr Potgieter’s Medical Practice

Breast Augmentation:

This procedure is the top requested breast surgery worldwide and locally. This surgery addresses the size of the breasts. Breasts are enhanced with a variety of shaped and sized implants made of silicone or saline. You can read about the evolution in Breast Implant Science by clicking here. Utilizing an incision point, implants are placed either above or beneath the chest muscle.

While results can be dramatic, these days a trend towards a subtle enhancement that match one’s body type is a much more common request.

The necessity of unique options and natural curves for individuals is supported by an expanding range of implant shapes now available. Your doctor will assist in choosing the appropriate option that best suits your needs.

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Breast Lift:

This surgery is often requested and performed by Dr Potgieter. This surgery addresses the shape of the breasts. It involves removing excess skin, repositioning, and at times reducing or relocating the areola and nipple. It is focused on how the breast’s lay or sit on the chest. While implants can be paired with surgery at the same time it is generally less about a size boost.

It is a great option for those who are finished adding to their family, those who have lost considerable weight, or those who simply desire a perkier, refreshed and youthful breast shape.

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Breast Reduction:

This surgery is very high on the list of procedures done here in Sandton. Many women (and men) struggle with simply too much breast tissue. Large breasts can cause physical discomfort, restricted movement and limited clothing options, as well psychological distress. Breast reduction resizes and reshapes breasts. Through small incisions breast tissue and sometimes excess skin is removed.

This surgery is commonly performed alongside a Breast Lift to both reduce and reposition remaining tissue for a pleasing aesthetic result.

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What To Consider:

· While all Breast Surgery takes places in theatre under General Anaesthesia surgery techniques have evolved substantially.
· Concern about possible scarring remains a fear for some individuals. This has been addressed by altered incision placement and length. Read more here.
· Downtime is required after any Breast Surgery. Planning and scheduling ahead is the best way to achieve end of year aesthetic goals with plenty of time to spare and in a way that promotes your health and well-being.


Dr Potgieter

Choosing a board certified, expert surgeon with an excellent reputation is beyond important. It is paramount to ensuring your satisfaction with results. Dr Potgieter is experienced and has a way of caring for his patients as individuals that sets him above the rest.

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Don’t Forget! Booking in October or November allows for the recovery period to pass, with time to exercise muscle tone for the summer holidays and bikini season.

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