Breasts play a large role in aesthetics and our own sense of aesthetics can play a large role in our relationship to our bodies. For some women (and men) concerns about breast size, shape, symmetry, and more can negatively impact their enjoyment of certain types of clothing and even their own bodies.


Nipples and Breast Appearance

Position, contour, and form of the nipple and surrounding areola are intrinsically linked to breast appearance. Altering the appearance of the nipple can have a major aesthetic impact.


Breast Revision Surgeries

Nipples can purposely be altered in shape, size, and appearance through breast revision surgeries. Some conditions do not require major surgical intervention. General anaesthesia is not always required for these treatments. Some can be done on an outpatient basis.

Here are some commonly experienced issues that can be addressed through breast revision surgeries:



Asymmetry in breasts is almost universal. It is near impossible for a human being to be completely symmetrical. The apparent symmetry or lack thereof in the breasts is largely determined by genetic factors including skin elasticity, anatomy, and hormones. Specific asymmetrical features that might be posing a problem can be addressed. Solutions will depend on each individual’s unique situation: they may include performing different procedures on each breast or only one to remedy distressing inconsistencies.


Nipple Repositioning

In some instances, nipple orientation alone can create asymmetry. Surgery for this condition requires a small cut, movement of the nipple tissue, and a stitch or two. Recovery requires little downtime when compared with larger breast augmentation and reduction surgeries. There is likely to be a small scar, but it can be discretely positioned and minimized with surgical expertise.


Downward pointing nipples

Nipples that point downwards are often the result of simply aging and/or breast drooping that may accompany weight loss, multiple pregnancies, or genetics. Nipple orientation is commonly attended to as a component of Breast Lift surgery. This procedure can significantly alter the appearance of south facing nipples. During a Breast Lift, excess tissue is removed and remaining tissue is repositioned for a perkier, refreshed, boosted bust.


Inverted nipples

Having one nipple or both inverted is mostly a matter of genetics, although the appearance of inversion can be affected by volume and fall of the breast. Inversion is caused by underlying tissue structure in the nipple. The most common procedure involves preserving the milk ducts by ‘freeing’ the connective fibres holding the nipple in by stretching and spreading them out. A small incision in the areola is used to create access. Dissolvable sutures are used internally to hold the tissue in the desired ‘out’ position. These sutures dissolve over a period of weeks. While a small scar may result, it is generally barely visible.

Note: On rare occasions a nipple that suddenly inverts may be a symptom of a more ominous type. If your nipple should invert without any apparent cause, schedule an exam with your medical doctor.


Resizing the Areolas

Areola’s size, shape, and colour may change with age, weight, and the hormones that accompany bringing life into the world. Mismatched or very large areolas may contribute to an unwanted breast aesthetic. Areola’s can be surgically resized and repositioned. This surgery includes an incision, relocation, and several stitches. It is often requested alongside a Breast Reduction.


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