The definition of classic is to serve as the established model or standard.

Progress in Cosmetic Surgery

Once upon a time, Cosmetic Surgery was ground-breaking and techniques were elementary and experimental. That is certainly not the case today! With tens of millions of women and men undergoing Cosmetic Surgery yearly; time-tested procedures have more than grown into themselves. While new surgeries are being created and some questionable fads do flicker onto the fringe of the Aesthetic scene; the following surgeries are set apart. They are far from being new, untried, or trendy.

These 3 Cosmetic Surgeries are not only the most requested but are considered gold standard classics. For good reasons too!

1. Liposuction
2. Breast Augmentation
3. Blepharoplasty


What distinguishes them?

The high ranking of these three surgeries is linked with and is a result of the following:
• They have been medically researched extensively.
• Their medical techniques have been refined and are well-practised thus allowing reputable surgeons to have years of experience performing them.
• Technological advancements have contributed to accuracy in the targeting of concerns, with less tissue trauma, minimal visible scarring and a quicker recovery time.
• The results are highly predictable which allows expectations to be realistic and for patient-satisfaction.


A Closer Look


Body contouring is better and more versatile than ever before. Improvements in suction equipment and instruments, such as blunt tip cannulas, have made positive differences.

Modern Liposuction equals less tissue trauma and more exactness. Liposuction can remove diet resistant fat where it is cause for concern.

Traditional Liposuction also known as Large Volume Liposuction is employed to remove substantial fat deposits. However, Small Volume Liposuction is a relatively newer development. It has been designed to meet the need for and to address precision shaping; as such it can be utilized in areas previously not thought of as treatable with Liposuction Surgery.

It is valuable to note the possible combination of Liposuction and Fat Augmentation. Unwanted fat tissue removed during Liposuction can now be employed for augmentation in another area requiring volume. Fat as a natural filler provides unique advantages. Learn more in this in-depth review on Liposuction detailing the In’s and Out’s of Modern Liposuction Surgery.


Breast Augmentation:

Unique shape and size for each individual is the new approach to Breast Augmentation. The enduring importance of the aesthetic role of the breasts certainly contributes to the outstanding popularity of Breast Augmentation.

Individual aesthetic goals are far more achievable today with modern implant positioning, the advantages of new implant science & the different implant shapes now available.

The implementation of new materials allows for anatomically natural implant shapes and textures. Scarring fears are addressed with multiple incision position choices, smaller incisions being required, and advanced aftercare. Get answers to the most common questions about Breast Implants.



Addressing the appearance of the eyelids & eyes can enhance and rejuvenate one’s facial aesthetic. This has led to the ever-increasing frequency of Blepharoplasty as a modern surgical option for addressing facial features.

Drooping eyelids not only contribute to a ‘tired’ or ‘worn-out’ look but can impair and obstruct eyesight. This makes the surgery at times a medical necessity despite its classification as Cosmetic.

To-date there is no effective non-surgical alternative to Blepharoplasty.

Thankfully, for those standing to benefit from it, it is a well-accepted procedure with excellent results.

Eyelid Surgery techniques are highly refined and can now address both the upper and lower eyelids. Minute incisions and closures camouflaged between natural skin folds allow for discrete & minimal scarring. Contemporary Blepharoplasty achieves natural looking subtle results by eliminating excess eyelid skin to refresh the delicate eye area.


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