Several renowned Cosmetic Surgeries have been developed to alter the appearance of the breasts. Breast Augmentation tops the list of the most requested surgery with the highest patient satisfaction. Breast Lift surgery is a separate but also highly ranked surgery.

Both surgeries treat specific indications and are capable of producing great results on their own.

However, it is notable that the two surgeries are frequently combined to create a highly customizable surgery that is comprehensive and provides fantastic results.

Why are they combined?

Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, ageing, weight loss and additional factors visibly affect the breast tissues. The Aesthetics of breasts include size, positioning, nipple placement and symmetry. Many women looking to alter the breast area display asymmetrical indications for both Breast Augmentation & a Breast Lift. Thus, a more complete approach is offered by combining the two surgeries. By putting the two surgeries together it becomes possible to address the full range of factors contributing to breast aesthetics thus allowing you to get the most benefit from your surgery.

Combination surgery can create a complete transformation of the breasts. Here is a concise view of each surgery’s strengths and the advantages available through combining them.


Aesthetic Effects on their own

• Breast Augmentation: This procedure is aimed mainly at adding volume. Placement can be below or above the muscle and individuals select from a wide range of various implant types & profiles available. Implants increase the size of the breasts. The aesthetic impact of a Breast Augmentation is a chest that is fuller, shapely, proportionate, and in-line with your aesthetic desires.

• Breast Lift: This procedure is aimed at treating Breast Ptosis and ‘lifting’ sagging and drooping breasts. A Breast Lift allows for the removal of excess skin (and tissue) and for the nipple to be repositioned. The aesthetic impact of a Breast Lift is lifted, shapelier and notably perkier breasts.


Breast Augmentation & Breast Lift Combination Surgery:

This procedure is aimed at size, shape and position of breast tissue. The aesthetic impact of a Combination Surgery is larger and lifted breasts with a suitable nipple placement. Areola size can also be altered in this surgery.

Together a Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift make a significant impact to the size, shape, positioning, lift and contours of the breasts.

Combination Surgery has multiple advantages:
• Requires less implant volume when accompanied by a Breast Lift
• Restores breasts which have had significant loss of volume
• Can raise the positioning of the nipples and resize the areolas
• Results in shapelier breasts
• Removes excess skin such that there is no drooping around implants


How the surgeries are combined

Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift Combination Surgery takes place in theatre and can be done in as little as 2 hours. In complex cases it could take up to 3 hours. During the surgery a small incision is made and implants are placed. Once this is complete, further incisions are made to reposition the nipple and remove excess skin. Follow your doctor’s instructions after surgery to facilitate recovery and help diminish any scarring.

· If Breast Ptosis or sagging is mild, minimal incisions may be necessary.
· If a Full Breast Lift is required, additional vertical incision and horizontal incisions may be required from the areola down to the fold of the breast and in the crease below. This larger incision allows for more substantial amounts of excess breast tissue and skin to be removed.


A Note on Scars

Incisions alongside the edge of the areola result in well-disguised scars that are very inconspicuous. A larger incision means that more visible scarring will be present. If you are concerned about the potential of scarring speak with your doctor personally as some choices with incision options might be available to your unique case. It is worthwhile noting that professional homecare that works to diminish scars is available.


Dr Potgieter

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Why Schedule a Consultation?

A consultation allows for the opportunity to communicate personal aesthetic goals and expectations during one-on-one time with the Doctor. Ask the questions you have, receive a physical assessment, and share your health history in a patient-doctor discussion. In an unrushed manner, weigh the various options and get professional feedback and a recommendation for the correct approach to safely and effectively achieve the aesthetic goals that you desire.

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