Breast Lift Surgery is one of the most frequently requested surgeries in Dr Potgieter’s Sandton practice. The official medical name is a Mastopexy but it is nearly always referred to simply as a Breast Lift.

Aesthetic Effect of a Breast Lift

Breasts are altered by natural life events; tissue structure shifts, skin elasticity diminishes, and gravity takes a toll.

A Breast Lift can reconstruct saggy, drooping, or flattened breasts and accomplish symmetry. Breast Lift surgery seeks to restore the breast aesthetic and contours of the bust line after it has been impacted in unwanted ways by elements such as:

· Pregnancy and breast feeding affecting the size, shape, and positioning of the breasts.
· Weight loss
· Time and the natural process of ageing.

A Breast Lift can result in a rejuvenated aesthetic and youthful bust – this can boost confidence and allow for more enjoyment of one’s body.


How is a Breast Lift Performed?

During a Breast Lift Surgery the focus is on removing excess or unwanted skin; this has the effect of literally ‘lifting’ up the breasts themselves. Small, carefully placed incisions within the natural folds of the breasts are used as surgical access points. Breast skin and tissue is then either removed, re-arranged &/ re-positioned. Both the contour of the breasts and the way in which the breast tissue lies on the chest muscle is thus changed. This surgery takes place in theatre under general anaesthesia.

To Note: Breast Lift Surgery can be combined with either a Breast Augmentation or a Breast Reduction to create the requested aesthetic results. Nipple size and shape can also be addressed during a Breast Lift.


Post- Breast Lift Surgery Recovery Tips

Here are tips to facilitate recovery and final results post-surgery:

· Clear your calendar. Breast Lift Surgery does require several days of scheduled downtime. To facilitate recovery, mitigate unnecessary risks & complications by providing yourself the space and time to heal.

· Invest in quality support garments. In most cases after Breast Lift surgery a support bra will be required. Taking time to find a comfortable good-fit will lend itself to you actually using the garment. For more information regarding Compression Garments – please click here.

· Change the way you sleep (if needed). Sleeping on your stomach or side is not recommended for at least a month or more after Breast Lift Surgery.

· Avoid any weight or added pressure on the chest area. This may be of particular importance for mothers of small children as it may require changing routines.

· Stay away from underwire. Though you might be tempted to want to wear underwire bra’s – they should be avoided.

· Practice regular wound care. Take care with sutures and bandages especially when it comes to exposure to water. Speak with your doctor about measures can be taken to minimize scarring.

· Be Proactive with pain management. The majority of discomfort is felt within the first 24-48 hours following surgery. Proper pain management can minimize restless movements &/ anxiety and should be discussed with your doctor.

· Know your limits. Breast Lift Surgery recovery requires that strenuous activity, including heavy lifting, is avoided for several weeks. Sticking to this will minimize the risk of developing complications and will facilitate a full recovery.

· Be aware of your body. It is important to pay close attention to your body; any unusual discharge, swelling, or bleeding should be brought to your doctor’s attention immediately.

· Follow the doctor’s instructions. Instead of believing that you are an exception to the rules, follow them. Pre- & Post-surgery Protocols make a difference.

· Take care of yourself. After surgery it is possible that you may feel very emotional or have anxiety regarding your results. You should know that this is a normal response. Instead of stressing, take time to relax and be gentle as your body goes through its healing process. Final results will appear with time as swelling goes down.

· Ask your doctor questions, not Google. Good communication with your healthcare team eases anxiety, nips issues before they become problems, and goes a long way to increase your satisfaction of the entire process. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and don’t trust Google to play the role of your Doctor.


The Way Forward

Evaluating your options with an experienced and reputable Cosmetic Surgeon is important. Even if you don’t choose to proceed with a surgery, this pro-active approach allows you to discover what possibilities are available; this in and of itself can prove to be very empowering.

Experience matters when it comes to Cosmetic Surgery. Dr Potgieter has years of expertise within Aesthetics. For any aesthetic concerns you would like to target or change book a consultation today.

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