Individuals interested in Liposuction &/ Fat Augmentation benefit from surgical techniques that are more advanced and versatile than ever before. Those undergoing a Liposuction surgery now have the option to employ the fat removed as a natural Fat Filler for augmentation.

Those interested in Augmentation can choose to utilize their own fat cells to augment, fill and shape.

Liposuction Basics

Liposuction is popular Cosmetic Surgery procedure. During Liposuction, unwanted fat cells are removed mechanically via the use of a blunt tip cannula and suction force.

Traditional Liposuction frequently referred to as Large Volume Liposuction focuses on withdrawing significant volumes of fat. Small Volume Liposuction as its name suggests centres on targeting specific areas that can benefit from a smaller volume removal.

Liposuction Treatment Areas

Large or Small Volume Liposuction will diminish fat deposits in the following areas:
Face & Neck
• *Breasts
• Inner, Outer, & Anterior Thighs
• Buttocks
• Flank
• Legs, Knees & Ankles


Fat Augmentation Basics

In a Fat Augmentation, fat is removed and redistributed. It is taken from certain areas of the body where it may be abundant or in excess – to supplement elsewhere on the body.

The fat taken out undergoes a purification cleanse before it is ready for re-use. The fat is subjected to a centrifuge process where unwanted blood, oil and water are removed.

In some instances, your doctor may draw a small amount of blood to also subject to the centrifuge in order to isolate Stem Cells or Platelet Rich Plasma. Stem Cells and PRP may be combined with the fat. The fat is then skilfully injected in small doses in accordance with the Aesthetic goals dictating the procedure objectives.


Advantages of Natural Fat as a Filler

Using one’s own fat as a Natural Filler for Augmentation offers excellent benefits:
• All Natural: No synthetic substances
• 2-in-1 Procedure
• No Rejection or Allergic Reaction
• Quicker Recovery
• Great Natural-Looking Results

Where can Natural Fat Filler be transferred?

Natural fat can mould multiple areas. Fat transfers have been a great success when applied to restore or add volume to the face, breasts or buttocks.

Face: Natural fat as a filler on the face softens features, smooths contours and adds fullness. A fat transfer can address problem lines such as the nasolabial crease and also enhance the lips and cheeks.

Buttocks: Achieve symmetry and defined shape without the complications known to accompany gluteal implants by taking advantage of a Gluteal Natural Fat Augmentation instead.

Breasts: Natural fat transfer alters volume to breasts without implants. It carries fewer risks and minimal scarring but cup size increase is limited. Fat transfers provide softer, fuller breasts with beautiful contours.
· Reconstruction: Fat Augmentation may be another option for those seeking Breast Reconstruction with an alternative to implants.
· Correction: Correct rippling, a ‘deflated’ appearance, or address asymmetry with fat transfers in one or both breasts.

· A Hybrid Breast Augmentation: Relies on an implant for foundational size increase and pairs it with a fat transfer. While implants have evolved substantially this approach allows for the ultimate in creating a boosted yet natural appearance. Fat Fillers are used in conjunction with implants to round and soften the edges for a very natural look and feel.


Safety & Satisfactory Cosmetic Surgery Results

Choosing a doctor well-versed in achieving excellence with Cosmetic Surgery procedures is imperative for both well-being and satisfaction with results. Dr Potgieter is a board-certified and experienced Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgeon who is well equipped to assist you achieve your aesthetic goals. Contact our Sandton Clinic to schedule a consultation and discover what’s possible.

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