Established and reputable Cosmetic Surgeons approach their calling with a priority on individual solutions for individuals, an eye for detail and by employing established techniques.


In the Past – A Universal Look

Hollywood and early examples of Facelift surgery showcased pioneering procedures that may have somewhat tainted the image of the Cosmetic Surgery industry. The assumption that Cosmetic Surgery only creates unnatural-looking results with pronounced but unbalanced features is mistaken. Modern Cosmetic Surgery prides itself upon individual solutions for individual aesthetics – otherwise, it would not last as a service or profession.


In the Now – Only One You

A modern approach to aesthetics, including Facelift techniques, is far from the initial forays of the discipline. There is no one-size-fits-all or copy-and-paste formula that is applied to every case. Rather the opposite is true.

The way doctors view proportions and surgeries is three dimensional and patient specific. Far from trying to imitate, copy or create an idealized standard; contemporary Cosmetic Surgery focuses on maximizing the unique beauty that you already possess. It achieves this by sculpting symmetry and delivering balance with the shape and form that you have.

The individual-centred approach prioritizes what is important to you – to deliver personalized surgeries and results; this translates directly into greater patient satisfaction.

Instead of covering ‘you’ up, a good Cosmetic Surgeon will uncover the best you and bring your beauty to the forefront!


Original Facelift

The Original Facelift procedure had severe limitations. Incisions were larger and more exposed making the potential for scarring higher. Healing took longer and results could create a gaunt or ghoulish appearance. Facial skin often ended up looking ‘stretched’ or artificially tightened.


Modern Facelift

Modern Facelift surgery techniques target ageing concerns specifically. Current ways of doing surgery are substantially less invasive than facelift surgeries of the past.

The way surgery is performed is altered based on the type, placement and severity of the visible ageing being addressed.

A Modern Facelift can be tailored to create either more noticeable or more subtle results based on personal preferences. Regardless of the scope of your Facelift surgery, modern day results are far more natural in their appearance.

Incisions are considerably smaller than they used to be and it is possible to conceal them within the hairline. Recovery is quicker and patient satisfaction has increased.


Non-Surgical Facelift

This type of Facelift is growing in popularity. This is directly linked to the advances in Dermal Filler formulations and what they can now achieve. By using Botulin Toxin in conjunction with fillers; it is possible to reverse ageing and create a rejuvenated aesthetic without undergoing surgery. Of course, the results will not be permanent but for many individuals this is a positive aspect.


Combination Facelift Surgery

This pairs a Modern Facelift surgery with a Non-Surgical Facelift. In this approach, a Facelift Surgery is first performed – once the swelling has gone done, dermal fillers are then used to augment and refine the final results. While this remains fairly uncommon it is good to be aware that it is in fact an option.


Your Personal Aesthetic

Personalized 3D approaches are absolutely essential. Why? At the heart of it, Cosmetic Surgery is an art that is married to science. If you would like to explore what is possible with Cosmetic Surgery, Dr Anton Potgieter is a Cosmetic Surgeon who is board-certified, established and experienced.

Don’t let outmoded assumptions of Cosmetic Surgery keep you from pursuing your ideal personal aesthetic; it is possible to achieve subtle natural-looking results whilst maintaining your individuality.

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