Welcome to a fresh era of Cosmetic Surgery & Non-Surgical Aesthetic Treatments, one that is friendly and accessible for all. From bold beginnings the direction in aesthetics has since shifted. Fewer people are asking to look like a particular model or specific celebrities. More individuals are celebrating the unique beauty they already possess and are seeking to accent it with well-chosen minor alterations.

In the modern Cosmetic Surgery clinic, aesthetic goals can be achieved through small changes that make a significant difference. These minor alterations have come to be known colloquially as Tweakments.

The Beauty of a Tweakment

When you think of a tweakment, think ‘impact treatment’. The specific and enviable calling-card of a tweakment is that it relies on minor changes to create a major impact. Employ them for creating impressive yet natural-looking results.

Tweakments often treat a non-traditional area to subsequently emphasize a feature you already appreciate. They are innovative and use a wide variety of established treatment tools and surgical techniques.

This subtle approach concentrates on bringing the best you to the forefront rather than trying to paste an aesthetic over you. This translates into an Aesthetic you can feel at home in, confident in, without the obviousness of “work-being-done”.

Tweakments are appealing because they:
• Fine-tune and refresh one’s own aesthetic
• Target specific niggling concerns whilst creating aesthetic balance with one’s best features
• Celebrate both individual & universal elements of beauty


Whose getting them?

The personalization of cosmetic surgery &/ non-surgical aesthetics treatments, the wide range of options available and high standards of the governing regulating bodies has increased approachability and the popularity of Aesthetic treatments is soaring. The growing openness towards minor alterations has enlarged the scope of individuals enjoying the opportunity of refining their own aesthetics.

Men are becoming more receptive to fine-tuning their aesthetics. They form a rapidly growing base of individuals benefiting from this personalised approach of working to harmonise existing features.


Are Tweakments always appropriate?

Tweakments are not a universal replacement for Cosmetic Surgery. Major surgery remains the best option for more drastic permanent changes. Desiring surgery is nothing to be ashamed of; it offers its own advantages that should not be discounted. Sometimes the change that we seek is a substantial one.


Refined Aesthetics require qualified skill

Both minor and major adjustments require an experienced knowledge of the art and science of Cosmetic Surgery & Non-Surgical Aesthetic Treatments. Dr Potgieter is a board-certified Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgeon who is poised to undertake the delicate and expert task of delivering excellent results. If you would like to discuss your options, it is quick & easy to book a consultation with Dr Anton Potgieter.

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