Choosing to alter the appearance of one’s breasts is a journey that starts long before a consultation is ever scheduled. Women often spend years deliberating; this process often includes extensive research; weighing pro’s and con’s of surgical intervention, comparing procedure options, and exploring the available implant types.

Understanding what is available and how it can be used is key to making empowered decisions. This guide will focus on discussing smooth silicone breast implants, their history, their uses, and their potential advantages.

Silicone Basics

Silicone is a polymer that has numerous applications in personal care products and surgical implants. Its prized features include its stability, durability and ability to take various forms.

Silicone can be liquid, solid, or a gel and is not known to cause any human allergies. Silicone’s most well-known application is in Silicone Breast Implants; which are categorized as a medical device. They are placed within chest tissue to either augment breast size or contribute to reconstructive purposes. Smooth silicone implants are solid round gel implants with a sleek outer surface.

History of Smooth Silicone Breast Implants

Silicone Implants have evolved. First introduced in the USA in 1962 the earliest silicone implants were not as popular as their saline-filled counterparts. When the Institute of Medicine released research analysing existing data on their safety in 1999 they became widely accepted by the medical sector. This report entitled On the Safety of Silicone Breast Implants concluded that there was no evidence that silicone breast implants caused systemic health effects.

In 2006 their use was approved by the United States regulatory board known as the FDA. Since then the popularity of Breast Augmentation surgeries has soared. Breast Augmentation is now the number one most commonly performed Cosmetic Surgery globally. The most recent generation of silicone implants contain higher fill levels than previously and boast more cross-linking between silicone molecules making them firmer.


Potential Benefits of Smooth Silicone Breast Implants

Smooth silicone implants are a very commonly used type of Breast Implant. It is important to realize that there are trade-offs that accompany either choice between smooth versus other implants. Some marked advantages of smooth silicone breast implants are noted below:
• Extensive options available [ Size, Shape, Volume & Profile ]

• Natural look and feel
• Minimal risk of visibility
• Better Coverage
• Less likely to show wrinkles
• Decreased risk of rippling (especially for those with meagre soft tissue coverage)
• Modern models may result in less capsular contracture
• Can often be placed through smaller incisions



The best type of implant for you ought to be decided upon in consultation with your Doctor. However, this is only one of several key decisions required. Other factors to be taken into consideration include:

Size: There is no one size fits all approach to Breast Augmentation. Antique aesthetic approaches used to drift into a ‘fake’ or a specific ‘Hollywood’ look.

Current Breast Augmentation surgeries work to achieve natural enhancement that suit a person’s unique anatomy, profile proportions and silhouette.

Shape: Breast implants mimic the natural look and profile of breast tissue. Certain types are available in only one shape while others come in various anatomical shapes i.e. gummi bear implants.

Cohesivity: Breast Implants cover a range of viscosities. Silicone implants are available in highly cohesive i.e. very stiff, as well as more ‘liquid’ textures that are the softest… with others in between.

Placement: Breast Implant placement can be either above or below the chest muscles.

Incision position: Incision placement is important for scar concealment. There are various options available and most are smaller and potentially less noticeable than one might think. *If scarring is a major concern for you, be sure to speak with your Doctor in depth regarding post-op wound care and the scar-diminishing homecare available.

To learn about the 4 weeks of healing post- Breast Augmentation, click here.


Put a Consultation on your Calender

A face-to-face consultation is integral when investigating any type of Cosmetic Surgery.

Consultations allow for detailed personal health histories, aesthetic goals, and procedure expectations to be communicated. This important patient-doctor discussion will address an appropriate approach as well as the other elements highlighted above.

Be sure to come prepared with your questions. Should further queries arise be confident in asking them. The goals is for you to be empowered in the choices that you make and feel comfortable obtaining the medical information required to make them!


Dr Potgieter

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