Dermal Fillers and Botulinum Toxin have become very popular Injectables. The range of formulations can create and deliver an array of useful and impressive anti-ageing results.

When choosing who will perform your Injectables, one ought to be aware of the advantages that accompany selecting a board-certified Cosmetic Surgeon as opposed to less qualified persons.

Doctor Required

A Medical Doctor is always necessary for both surgical and non-surgical procedures. This is due to the inherent risks in undergoing Aesthetic Treatments. While advancements in science and technique have mitigated numerous risks; any time one seeks to alter the human body, care must be taken. Doctors undergo years of rigorous medical training that bestows them a vast knowledge of the human body. Cosmetic Surgeons learn how to work successfully with Aesthetic Products, including Injectables, and how to perform different surgical and non-surgical procedures precisely. This is vital to safely achieve great results.


Ensuring Success with Injectables

Reputable and established board-certified Cosmetic Surgeons are meticulous and will not take short-cuts in the following important aspects of Injectables’ safety and efficiency.
· Trusted medical-grade, high quality, pure products only
· Correct, traceable, product transportation
· Appropriate storage
· Sterility and hygiene
· Awareness and adherence to expiration dates

Cosmetic Surgeons possess advantages such as:
· Specific surgical training
· Advanced knowledge of anatomy
· Thorough understanding of nerves and vessels
· Familiarity with a range of products choices to treat specific indications
· Experienced with the full range of dermal placement depths.

Experience, qualifications, and reputation are not to be discounted. The best Doctor for you ought to provide medically sound guidance, advice, and answers that empower you to make informed decisions for yourself with confidence.

The correct choice will be certified Cosmetic Surgeon who has a style and approach that resonates with you. After all, an important part of Aesthetics is an application of the science that is also artful! Remember that the material or product used may be equivalent but the way in which it is used is anything but equal.

What can be treated with Injectables?

Indications that can be treated with Fillers
• Nasolabial lines around mouth and nose can be smoothed
• Crow’s Feet, furrows, Frown lines, and vertical lines can be diminished
• Volume loss in cheeks and temples can be restored
• Facial feature symmetry can be created or improved
• Thin lips can be plumped and enhanced
• Under eye and tear-troughs can be evened
• Ageing on hands can be rejuvenated
• Acne scars can be filled

Indications that can be treated with Botulinum Toxin
Botulinum Toxin will smooth and erase wrinkles caused by muscle expression and movement. This includes but is not limited too:
• Forehead wrinkles (vertical and horizontal)
• Crow’s Feet & Marionette Lines
• Frown Lines
• Under-eye lines

Alternatives to Surgery

It is possible to mimic the results of certain Cosmetic Surgeries using a non-surgical approach. If one desires to experience a change that is not permanent, then this may be a recommended approach.

Non-Surgical Browlift
Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty
Non-Surgical Facelift
Non-Surgical Necklift

*Please note that a non-surgical approach is not available to reach all aesthetic goals; certain results are only achieved through surgery. An example of this is Blepharoplasty.


Experience at Work

Dr Anton Potgieter is skilled at Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery and is qualified to perform both non-surgical and surgical procedures; as such you can rest assured that he will recommend what suits your case. Strict standards are maintained within his Sandton clinic to ensure client health and safety, excellent results, and high patient-satisfaction are achieved.

Meet the Doctor

A consultation is the first step in learning more about the options – both surgical and non-surgical. Meet with him in person to discuss health history, expectations and goals.

Dr Potgieter will make recommendations based on your unique situation and desired aesthetic outcomes. Click here to book a consultation and benefit from the expertise of a board-certified Cosmetic Surgeon.

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