A Brow Lift is an aesthetic treatment performed to treat a range of aesthetic concerns on the upper brow and forehead. It is available as a Surgical procedure or a Non-Surgical procedure.

A Brow Lift is appropriate for both men and women who are seeking a refreshed and rejuvenated anti-ageing effect on the upper forehead and brow area.

What does a Brow Lift Target?

A Brow Lift can erase deep wrinkles and furrows on the forehead, smooth skin, lift eyebrows and correct upper eyelid hooding resulting from skin laxity and sagging on the forehead. Surgical Brow Lifts offer permanent anti-ageing outcomes with high rates of satisfaction.

Ideal Candidates for a Surgical Brow Lift

Individuals who are ideal candidates for the surgery may have one or more of the following indications:
• Flattened or sagging brows that have lost their youthful arch
• Pronounced drop in the forehead
• Eyelid hooding caused specifically by loose skin on the forehead
• Pronounced Crows’ Feet wrinkles at the edge of eyes
• A prominent forehead they desire to shorten
• Severe lines and wrinkles on the forehead and brow
• A permanently ‘angry’, ‘worried’ or ‘exhausted’ appearance
• Displeasure with visible ageing changes seen on forehead and brow area

*Additional Aesthetic Options: Individuals seeking an aesthetic impact on the upper and lower eyelid specifically should consult with their surgeon regarding a Blepharoplasty Surgery. Individuals seeking a less invasive or temporary aesthetic outcome; are good candidates for a Non-Surgical Brow Lift.

Brow Lift Surgery Basics

The surgery focuses on lifting and smoothing skin through the removal and repositioning of excess forehead skin and underlying tissue. Traditional Brow Lift Surgery is the only Brow Lift technique which removes excess skin.

Incision Placement:

Harmonious results require meticulous incision placement.
· The most common approach is Traditional Brow Lift Surgery which relies on one incision made along the hairline also known as a Pretrichial incision.
· Endoscopic Brow Lift Surgery utilizes four to five smaller incisions that are also located along the hairline.

Several other less common but potential incision options include:
· Temporal: Two incisions on the temples at the hairline.
· Direct: Two incisions on the upper edge of eyebrows.
· Mid-Brow: An option for men with a receding hairline or those with prominent horizontal wrinkles – that places incisions in the forehead crease.
· Coronal: One large incision behind hairline at ear level.

The Surgery Procedure:

Surgery takes place in theatre under general anaesthesia. Each individual’s anatomy, skin structure and desired outcomes will be considered when tailoring the exact surgical approach. Regardless of procedure specifics, nearly all Brow Lift surgeries take less than two hours to complete. Any incisions required are sutured afterwards using very tiny stitches or surgical glue.

Post-Surgery Recovery:

It does requires scheduled downtime. Follow doctors’ instructions exactly to minimize risk of any complications and achieve the best results possible.

A full week is generally recommended for recovery. Significant discomfort, swelling &/ feelings of tightness should ease after 48-72 hours. Complete healing of bruises may take several weeks.

Appropriate aftercare, avoiding strenuous activity, and sleeping with the head elevated will assist in a quick recovery. While incisions are healing it is ordinarily possible to cover the affected area through hair styling.

*For an absolute minimal recovery time consider a Non-Surgical Brow Lift and its benefits.

Aesthetic Results:

The results are considered permanent. While further ageing will naturally impact the long-term appearance, visible ageing will be reduced.

Dr Potgieter

Dr Anton Potgieter is a board-certified Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeon with experience of performing both Surgical Brow Lifts and Non-Surgical Brow Lifts. Thus, you can feel assured in his professional evaluation and assessment on the procedure best suited to your requirements. Feel confident contacting our clinic today to discuss the correct anti-ageing rejuvenation approach that will allow you to look younger and feel your best!

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