Statisticians track and collate information on all aspects of Cosmetic Surgeries performed yearly, including outcomes such as patient satisfaction.

What is Patient Satisfaction?

Patient satisfaction refers to the number of individuals who reported that they thought that the procedure was worth it & that they would make the same choice to undergo the procedure.

2018 data has revealed these three surgeries rank highest in terms of patient satisfaction.

Cosmetic Surgeries with the Highest Patient Satisfaction

#1 Breast Augmentation

This Cosmetic Surgery is globally ranked as having the highest ratings of patient satisfaction. This surgery alters the size and shape of the one or both breasts. During the surgery; silicone or saline implants are inserted above or below the chest muscle in order to achieve the desired size and symmetry. The evolution of Breast Implants and advancing surgical techniques allow for subtle natural-looking results which has increased its popularity.

While some individuals may opt for a considerable boost to their busts many others choose a subtler volume. Reshaping the breasts can have an impactful effect on one’s complete aesthetic and boost confidence. This surgery tops the list in terms of patient satisfaction at 98%*.

#2 Abdominoplasty

Also known as a ‘Tummy Tuck’ this Cosmetic Surgery focuses on loose and extraneous skin and tissue located in the abdominal area. This region is notoriously difficult to target effectively with nutrition and exercise. During this procedure, carefully placed incisions allow for the removal of excess fat tissue. Sagging and extra skin is also removed. Patient satisfaction is remarkably high following this procedure. Abdominoplasty comes in a close second place with 96%.*

#3 Blepharoplasty aka Corrective Eyelid Surgery

Baggy skin above the eyelids can contribute to a fatigued and aged aesthetic. Blepharoplasty alters and eliminates slack and excess skin above and on the eyelid. This cosmetic surgery is at times medically required due to loose skin interfering with one’s the field of vision. Precisely placed minute incisions are camouflaged within the natural folds of the eyelid whereby extra skin and tissue is then removed. Blepharoplasty can significantly impact one’s facial aesthetic and have a strong anti-ageing affect aesthetically – this translates into a Blepharoplasty being ranked third with a solid 93% satisfaction.*

Choosing a Doctor

Patient satisfaction has been strongly linked with not only results but the entire process of achieving them. Choosing a surgeon who treats you with respect and dignity at every step of the way is valuable.

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*Statistics Source

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