Breast Augmentation remains the most requested Cosmetic Surgery globally. The procedure is the most frequently performed Cosmetic Surgery and has the highest-rates of patient satisfaction. Over 1.7 million Breast Augmentation surgeries take place each year. Competitors for top place are Liposuction and Blepharoplasty with 1.5 million Liposuction procedures, and 1.3 million Blepharoplasty surgeries taking place respectively. [Source]

Popular for a Reason

Breast Health and appearance is an engrained element of female identity. The role of the Breast Aesthetics is well-understood in terms of a full body Aesthetic.

Breast Augmentation’s popularity is rooted in its powerful ability to redefine contours for symmetry & aesthetic balance. Comfortability and Confidence in one’s silhouette is often a major motivating factor behind the decision to pursue Cosmetic Surgery.

The confidence boost following a Breast Augmentation is often substantial. Perceiving one’s body positively allows for a greater enjoyment of oneself. The fact that the procedure itself has advanced, become less expensive and can be highly personalized : allows more women to benefit from it.


What’s Correct for You?

Breast Augmentation is not about copying a ‘look’, getting in on a ‘trend’, or your best friend’s boobs.

Breast Augmentation is not about perfection and it is not about comparisons. Breast Augmentation is about accentuating You, in fact it is entirely about you!

Whether genetics didn’t gift you with the proportions that you desire or illness or trauma has left you with a shape you that you would like to change — options are plentiful.

Dr Potgieter’s advice to patients regarding Breast Augmentation is “do it for yourself, not for others.”


What can Breast Augmentation do?

Breast Augmentation (Reconstructive & Cosmetic) can
• Enlarge one or both breasts.
• Correct asymmetry
• Address the size & positioning of the Nipples
• Significantly impact your full body aesthetic
• Boost Confidence
• Be combined with a Breast Lift


What you need to know if you are considering Breast Augmentation

1. Enough Variety to be Uniquely You!

Modern Breast Augmentation Surgery and Modern Breast Implants cover the full spectrum. Every size and shape can be catered too.
• More Types
Implants come in a variety of types these days. Find the correct type of implant for you.
• Shapes to Fit your Shape
Breast implants have evolved. Different implant shapes are now available.
Be sure to partner with a Cosmetic Surgeon who understands the science and artistry of aesthetics, the proficiency and experience producing positive results, and the ability to advise on how to accent your individuality.


2. Predictable Results

Breast Augmentation is an established surgery, it is not new or experimental. Board Associations guard the level of patient-safety and the integrity of the medical science behind Cosmetic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery. This professional excellence combined with the high-levels of implant choice and procedural method contributes to predictable results across the board. Patients request and receive what they want.

High patient satisfaction rates are linked to predictable results.

· Less Visible Scars
Techniques and incision options to minimize scarring and conceal scars has come a long way. Professional homecare aimed at diminishing visible scarring has also progressed significantly.


3. Safety is Paramount

Dr Potgieter places the highest priority on your health and well-being. Medical history, past and present, as well as risks will be discussed. If the doctor doesn’t feel that the time is correct for you to undergo surgery, he will communicate his honest opinion. Your safety is paramount, period.
• Straight-forward Recovery
Advances in surgical techniques definitely make the road to recovery a smoother process. Read more about the 4 weeks of healing.

Newly diagnosed or recovering from Breast Cancer?
• Decoding reconstruction options for those who have recently been diagnosed.
• Understanding how types of Breast Cancer Treatment may affect reconstruction options.


Beautiful Beginnings Start Today

Dr Anton Potgieter is experienced and well-versed in Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery. He cares for his patients at every step along their aesthetic journey. The first step to enjoying a rejuvenated, more comfortable and confident You – is with a consultation. Consultations are a chance to look into the appropriate means available in achieving your aesthetic goals safely and effectively. When you meet with Dr Potgieter, the priority is on discussing questions, concerns, expectations and aesthetic desires in a relaxed setting which is free from pressure to decide immediately.

Should you decide to proceed with surgery you can expect a high-level of pre- & post- op care. Dr Potgieter is committed to creating the highest level of satisfaction from start to final results. Contact Us today to discuss scheduling your consultation.

Questions are Welcomed

Bring your questions to the consultation &/ continue reading with 10 common questions about Breast Augmentation answered.

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