The significant role which the breasts hold in the female aesthetic is undisputed. Contour, shape, size, and appearance of one’s breasts affect how a woman experiences her body. Feminine curves that match the way one feels can greatly increase satisfaction with one’s own body image and boost confidence.

The Value of Feeling your Best

Improving one’s experience of their body leads an enhanced enjoyment of life. As such, the opportunity to obtain a congruent aesthetic should not be downplayed or dismissed. Pursuing Cosmetic Surgery is a deeply personal choice. Every woman will have her own criteria and unique reasons for exploring change. A full investigation of both the risks and rewards that accompany Cosmetic Surgery is necessary for informed decision making.

Cosmetic Chart Topper

The pivotal role of Breast Aesthetics and the high satisfaction rate that accompanies Breast Augmentation – afford this procedure its number one position as the most commonly performed Cosmetic Surgery. [Source]

Its popularity is ensured by the individualized approach of modern Breast Augmentation Cosmetic Surgery. There is no longer a ‘one size fits all approach’, instead the process is as unique as your needs are. Medical advances in surgical technique paired with an extensive array of implant choices make it possible to personalize the procedure completely for custom results. It can even be combined with other surgeries – click here if you wish to learn more.

Who may benefit from a Breast Augmentation?

Women who experience discomfort with their breast appearance or desire to alter their aesthetic – stand to benefit from a Breast Augmentation Cosmetic Surgery. Breast characteristics are largely defined by genetics leaving their attributes up to hereditary traits which are difficult to influence or modify. Major life events such as pregnancy, nursing, certain illnesses, and significant weight loss are capable of drastically change the appearance of the breasts. Eligible women may find relief with a medical intervention that address one or more elements inherent in breast aesthetics.

What can a Breast Augmentation address?

Surgical intervention is able to address, alter, and correct the following:
– Add volume to increase size
– Enhance contours
– Create symmetry and more congruent breast shape
– Restore volume loss
Reconstruction after surgery
– Sagging, drooping, or elongated breasts
– Areola size & Nipple aesthetics

Alternatives to Breast Surgery
• Specific physical exercises that target the pectoral muscles may increase and tone underlying chest muscles.
• Shapewear including gel inserts of various proportions is available as a non-surgical option for a visible change.

Who is a Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

Healthy women, close to their ideal weight, and with clear and realistic expectations are best suited to pursue Breast Augmentation Cosmetic Surgery.

What are the ages of women getting Breast Augmentations?

The majority (46.4%) of Breast Augmentation surgeries are performed on women between the ages of 35 and 50. Those aged 18 to 34 come second with 37.2%. Women over 50 come in third with 12.7% and women over 65 are much rare recipients at a mere 2.5%. [Source]


Investigating and Assessing the option of Breast Augmentation

Sized Correctly

Implant size selection is a highly individualized experience. A ‘fitting’ allows women to assess available options and visualize how various implant sizes will look. Determining the size that feels ‘right’ to you is of utmost importance. A practised surgeon whom you feel comfortable with is essential to act as a guide. Anatomical factors such as breast width, current volume, and qualities such as ‘droopiness’ must all be taken into consideration.

Breast Augmentation does not always add substantial volume to breasts, many surgeries add smaller volume and are focused on a priority of retaining a natural aesthetic.

• Moderate Profile – These implants are wider and more in line with breast width diameter.
• High Profile – These implants project further forward and can hold more volume in smaller breast width.

There is no right or wrong way to approach the right size for you; take your time and go with what makes you feel most yourself!

Implant type and composition

Implants have evolved, there is now a wide spectrum of types available.
• Silicone Implants
◦ Round and thicker gelled
◦ Tear-drop shaped ‘gummy-bear’ implants
◦ Smooth Implants

• Saline Implants
*While the majority of Breast Implants are silicone, saline implants are both available and still used between 10-15% of the time.

For more on smooth silicone implants, you can click here.


The Breast Augmentation Cosmetic Surgery Procedure

Breast Augmentation Cosmetic Surgery takes place in theatre under general anaesthesia. Staying overnight is not always recommended but is an option. The procedure generally takes between 1 and 2 hours. Surgical technique utilized will largely be mandated by implant type, anatomy and aesthetic goals to be achieved.

Dr Potgieter will thoroughly explain his recommended approach (and any available alternatives) capable of meeting your specific needs ahead of time. On the day of surgery, you should have a complete understanding of the procedure particulars that will take place.

• Placement – Breast implants have two placement options: either above or below the pectoral muscle.
• Incision points – Incision points are generally within the curve beneath the breast where it meets the chest or along the edge of the areola. In some rarer instances it may be placed around the areola or near the underarm. Care will be taken with incision placement in order to minimize the visibility of scars.

Breast Augmentation Recovery & Results

Recovery from Breast Augmentation requires several days of scheduled downtime. The main objective is rest as you will be painful. The first 48 hours are the most uncomfortable but good pain management will help. Swelling and bruising may be significant to begin with but will decline daily.

Daily physical activities which could impair recovery will need to be restricted following surgery. Specific compression garments may be recommended. It is important to avoid movements and motions that could place pressure on the new implants such as lifting and jogging. Exercise regimes will need to be cleared by your Doctor before being resumed. Your Surgeon will provide detailed tips for post recovery self-care.

Results from Breast Augmentation appear with time. Substantial healing takes place in the ten days following surgery, however, complete recovery requires between four and six weeks. Furthermore, in some instances, it may take several months for implants to ‘settle’; in the meantime they may feel harder or sit high. Patience is required.

The Consultation

Breast Augmentation is an entirely approachable medical procedure. The first step is a personal consultation. Choosing a surgeon is one of the most crucial decisions on your Aesthetic journey. The surgeon you decide to move forward with ought to be knowledgeable, respectful, qualified and experienced. You should feel comfortable asking all your questions and examples of successful similar operations should be provided for you to assess.

The correct surgeon provides all safe avenues along with their pro’s and con’s to consider. Educated and informed decisions can assist in achieving satisfaction with results and a positive experience on the whole. Screening safety protocols will include a full health history, physical exam and discussion of goals and expectations.

What to Look for in a Surgeon

Your chosen Surgeon ought to be supportive and informative. They should not rush you or pressure you to make a decision. Advanced surgical technique is required for a successful Breast Augmentation but simultaneously so is Artistry. A qualified surgeon whose cosmetic artistry you appreciate – is not be underestimated. You can click here to learn more about Dr  Anton Potgieter.

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