Moving forward with a Breast Augmentation surgery requires research, surgeon choice, along with an understanding of the pre- and post- surgical timeline.

Exploration: Learning about the pro’s and con’s, hearing from others, and thinking about one’s own values and aesthetic goals is often the starting point. The decision to pursue a Breast Augmentation surgery is a uniquely personal decision. Women choose surgery for a vast number of reasons. Included in these are a desire to alter their breast contour and proportions, create symmetry, boost self-confidence and self-esteem.

Any choice for Cosmetic Surgery should be self-motivated, not the result of outside pressure. An ideal candidate should be in good health and close to their ideal weight.

This stage is ideal for researching the Doctors in your area…

Initial Contact: Whether you make a direct phone call or schedule a consultation online, this step is important. It indicates that you want to be informed and that you are interested in enlisting their services.

Clinical Consultation: Clinical Consultations are comprehensive and serve multiple purposes. They act as an opportunity to ask in-depth questions to experienced Cosmetic Surgeons and get answers. Implant Types can be assessed, augmentation volume considered, and measurements made. Surgical techniques and available points of entry can be advised. A thorough health history and discussion of desired expectations and outcomes from surgery ought to be examined – both of which are necessary to determine whether a Breast Augmentation is medically advisable.

Clinical consultations also offer one-on-one interaction with a potential Surgeon choice. A reputable Surgeon whom one feels comfortable with – is tied to patient satisfaction in the process and results. Attend your scheduled consult armed with these things in mind.

Remember that a consult is not a commitment it is a fact-finding mission. With Surgeon approval and if one feels prepared to make the decision, it is possible to schedule a surgery date following the initial consultation. In fact, most do.

2nd Consultation: Not everyone requires a 2nd clinical consultation, however, these are always available. They are especially helpful if further questions have arisen and help ensure that Patients are at ease going forward.

Decision Time: After clinical consultations it usually becomes much easier for an individual to make a decision to move forward with a date for surgery or shelve the idea of surgery at the present time. Remember that Breast Augmentation is an elective Cosmetic Surgery. Recognising the benefits and the risks is important.

Date of Surgery: Dr Potgieter provides his Patients with in-depth directions on how to prepare for the day of surgery. These include creating an after-care plan, avoiding alcohol and certain medications, and other instructions. Upon arrival at the clinic and after check-in you will meet your Anaesthetist. Dr Potgieter will also meet with you for a final assessment and check-in before proceeding. Scheduled surgery will take place in theatre.

Surgical Procedure: Surgery takes place in theatre under general anaesthesia. The technique employed will affect time and procedure details. This will have been pre-chosen with your Surgeon. Surgery takes between 1 and 2.5 hours.

Immediately After Surgery: Directly after surgery you are monitored as the effects of the anaesthetics wear off. Dr Potgieter will check-in with you again as you become alert. As the Operating Surgeon he is responsible for discharging you from the hospital, most often the same day.

In some cases, the Doctor is likely to recommend an overnight stay. This will depend on the recovery setting, health factors, timing i.e. late afternoon surgery, or if the Breast Augmentation was combined with any other treatment. For more on combination surgeries, click here.

24-48 Hours After Surgery: In this initial post-operative time period you will need assistance at home from a friend or family member. Complete rest is required. Discomfort and inflammation will be at its highest level during the 24 to 48 hours following surgery. Dr Potgieter will review post-op protocols and recommendations ahead of time with you, so that you are aware of what is advised and can prepare appropriately. The Doctor will also work to provide you with effective pain management.

1 Week After Surgery / Final Consultation: A post-surgery check-up i.e. final consultation is generally in order in the 7-10 days following surgery. This will be an in-clinic appointment to ensure that recovery is on track and proceeding well. Stitches may be removed at this time and post-op instructions altered. Pain medication is generally no longer required after this first week.

4-6 Weeks of Healing: Breast Augmentation is a surgical procedure and as such requires scheduled downtime. Rate of recovery is influenced by surgical technique and various individual factors. The majority of healing should unfold in a time frame of around 4-6 weeks. Some movement will be restricted severely in the first two weeks with a gradual return to regular exercise and fitness being allowed only with Doctor-approval.

Compression garments and bra bands may be recommended. Certain types of bra’s should not be worn during this time. Within two weeks a return to work is generally allowed but the type of work will influence this decision.

As time passes continue to follow your Surgeon’s advice to facilitate healing. Normal activities without restrictions can be resumed at about the 6-week point. Stay positive and try to be patient as your new shape will emerge, it just takes time.

For more on the 4 weeks of Healing post- Breast Augmentation surgery, click here.

Final Results: Breast shape and size will become visible as the swelling dissipates. Don’t be surprised if they don’t look quite as you imagined right away – as implants must ‘settle’. The length of time this takes is determined by implant type, placement, and individual recovery timeline. Often it occurs between 3-6 months after surgery. Once implants have settled the Breast Augmentation process is seen to be complete.

*Breast Augmentation results are considered to be permanent, however, Breast Implants are not designed to last a lifetime. Implants last between 10 to 20 years. After which they ought to be replaced or removed.

Future: Once final results are achieved one can truly enjoy the change. Now is the time to be resized for intimate wear. Embrace your new contours with styles, fashions, and apparel that allow you to feel at your best.

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