Nothing energizes quite like feeling at your best! With spring and summer around the corner the timing is ideal to undergo a rewarding and rejuvenating aesthetic treatment.

Focused Renewal

Biology and gravity age the dermis overtime. Sun exposure, stress, and other factors accelerate visible ageing. Delicate and thin skin such as that on the neck, upper chest, and face is especially affected. The Décolletage and neck are common problem areas, showcasing, as much or often even more ageing, than the face.

Similar to the hands, the décolletage can easily give away an individual’s true age despite their investment in cultivating an aesthetic that is otherwise youthful.

While the face frequently receives focused anti-ageing care, the décolletage and neck areas are less lucky and may not receive attention until the signs of photo-ageing are already clearly manifest and marked.

Indications for Treatment
Undesirable skin elements showcased on the décolletage, neck, and face include the following:
• Lines and wrinkles
• Discolouration
• Skin laxity or sagging
• Loss of firmness
• Dryness
• “Leathered skin” with large pores.


Non-Surgical Skin Resurfacing & Rejuvenating Treatment Protocol

An expertly formulated medical-grade Chemical Peel paired alongside Hyaluronic Acid micro-droplet treatment can be effective in targeting the signs of ageing &/ skin damage to restore smooth, even-textured, radiant dermal health.

Pursuing treatments requires a scheduled appointment with Dr Potgieter. At this time an assessment of the current skin conditions and specific concerns that require attention will be carried out. If treatment is an appropriate choice, skin will then be cleansed and prepared for the application of a Chemical Peel. Directly following the peel, HA treatment will be precisely placed. Purpose-specific Dermal Fillers supplies the skin with firming, line-erasing, moisture retaining, glow-restoring qualities. An initial peel and injection treatment requires between 45 to 60 minutes.

A Note on HA Delivery – Hyaluronic Acid is a versatile product delivering high patient satisfaction. A medical doctor is required for application. The advantages of having a Cosmetic Surgeon perform treatment includes; advanced knowledge of anatomy useful for depositing filler exactly within different skin layers to create the best long-lasting results and more. Read about the benefits more specifically – in this article.

The majority of Patients experience only mild discomfort during HA injections as a topical numbing crème is employed. Additionally, many HA formulations now contain minute amounts of anaesthetic within them to further enhance patient-comfort.


Recovery & Results

Results may take upwards of ten days to be seen. Treated skin may be red, slightly irritated, and/or extra sensitive to the sun during recovery. Slight swelling or bruising may be visible at dermal filler injection sites. These after-affects should dissipate fairly quickly as desired results become visible.

After-care instructions will include avoiding sun exposure and limited cosmetic use for up to a week following. Employing focused after-care products will enhance, maintain, and maximize positive results.

• Dr Potgieter strongly recommends Heliocare360 following a Chemical Peel. These advanced products can restore and regenerate skin from within and protects it from destructive environmental elements. Read more in-depth about Heliocare360.


A Quick note for Breastfeeding and Expectant Mothers

Speak to your Doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding at the time you seek treatment. As a general rule – only the most gentle Chemical Peels are a possibility while pregnant. Hormones mightily affect the skin and as such the risk of adverse reaction is elevated. Dermal Fillers are also not usually recommended. The reason being that fluctuating hormones affect blood flow, swelling, and potentially cause unintended results for Mom.


Dr Potgieter’s Sandton Clinic

Both Cosmetic Surgery and Non-Surgical options for a refreshed aesthetic are accessible and provide proven results. To view Dr Potgieter’s Sandton rooms’ Contact Details – you can click here.

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