What’s in a Shape?

Breast Shape and Size exert a considerable influence on the silhouette and whole-body aesthetic. Breast Augmentation ranks as one of the top Cosmetic Surgeries in terms of Patient’ Satisfaction.

Breast Surgeries can restore, create symmetry, balance, and enhanced contours.

Choice Shaping

Initially, Breast Augmentation options were limited. This was a disadvantage for those seeking to achieve specific aesthetic ideals; thankfully implants have evolved. Scientific advancements have cleared a new range of implants as safe for use. Now, there is a plethora of options for the discerning woman to choose from.

Previously one could only choose to vary the amount of volume, but now different implant shapes are available. There is now a complete array of various shapes available suitable for every body shape and result desired.

Factors Influencing Breast Implant Shape Choice

A woman’s aesthetic preferences will play a large role in which shape is the best pick for her surgery. In addition, anatomical realities such as existing breast tissue, body type, as well as sternum and chest wall size will also influence the decision.

Surgical technique, incision point, and implant placement also inform implant shape chosen.

Prime Shapes

The spectrum is advanced. From small and discrete adjustments, to perky and natural-feel, to new significant curves.
Round – This is often referred to as the ‘classic’ implant shape as it is how all implants were shaped originally. These implants are soft, circular, and create a ‘full’ appearance.
Anatomical or Contoured i.e. water-drop, tear-drop – These implants allow for a very natural look as they mimic the shape and lie of natural breast tissue. They can be made of form-stable silicone or regular silicone as well as be smooth surfaced or textured on the surface. The textured versions have become less available over recent years due to investigations of the long effects.


More variables equate to greater choice and refinement

Foundational shapes are expanded upon in multiple ways in order to create dozens of unique implants. Variations are accomplished via changes to placement, volume, weight, height and type of silicone.

Here are the commonly used terms that relate to implant shape which will require consideration in your final implant selection:

Width: Implant width needs to be in line with your chest size and with existing breast tissue.

Projection: This refers to the depth measurement of an implant chosen. Implants may be labelled as moderate projection and even more specific categories such as moderate-high or moderate-low.

Profile: This describes the general silhouette made by an implant. Your Surgeon will suggest profile considerations based your physique.
· High-Profile: Narrow but project further
· Low-Profile: Wider but project less

Upper Pole Fullness: This describes the amount of fullness in the upper half of the breast i.e. above the nipple. Certain implants provide for more upper pole fullness than others.


Custom Silhouette

Many individuals experience undue stress on their decisions regarding the selection and especially the volume size of implants. This is not necessary as professional Cosmetic Surgeon assistance should play a critical role in explaining and advising. In fact, Breast Augmentation is known for its predictable results.

During a surgical consultation for a Breast Augmentation; props and technology can be utilized in order to simulate the aesthetic effect of various volume implants. While some individuals will have a good idea of the change that they want, many others will ask their Surgeon to draw a clearer picture of the different aesthetic dynamics available to their physique.

The modern customization available with Breast Augmentation surgery allows each individual to select a personalized implant that complements their existing proportions and accentuates their inherent beauty with the breast shape they long for.


Did you Know?

A Breast Augmentation Surgery can address more than volume and shape. Existing breast asymmetry and some types of breast ptosis can be targeted. The positioning and placement of the nipple can also be altered. Speak to Dr Potgieter in detail regarding the aesthetic changes you would like.

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The Ideal Candidate

Ready to move forward? To undergo a Breast Augmentation surgery an individual ought to:
· Be in good health with a stable weight.
· Understand both the benefits and the risks inherent in any Surgery.
· Have a clear idea of their expectations and motivations for pursuing a surgical intervention.
· Understand and be willing to schedule the downtime required for complete recovery.
· Have their questions, anxieties, and needs clearly addressed by their Surgeon.

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