Ageing; a constant

Our complexions age. Environmental factors such as pollution and UV exposure, and lifestyle elements all combine to impact delicate facial skin. Ageing on the face appears as fine lines, deeper wrinkles, skin laxity, dullness, texture changes, uneven tone, and loss of volume.

These signs of visible ageing can sap our sense of vitality and confidence. Many individuals feel that their appearance is incongruent with the actual vigour of their spirit and zest for living life passionately.

The Role of Facial Rejuvenation

Medical Aesthetics plays an important role of allowing premature, accelerated, or just plain unwanted ageing to be treated and reversed. Employing research discoveries to inform clinical techniques has led to multiple effective Facial Rejuvenation treatments becoming available.

Individuals who seek to rejuvenate their facial aesthetic, arrest visible ageing, and reverse unwanted symptoms already present, have more appropriate choices than ever before i.e. proven safety & efficacy.


Ageing on a Cellular Level

The outward signs of ageing result from changes on a cellular level within the dermal matrix. The Influential Processes include:

Cellular Turnover: The rate at which new, fresh, healthy cells replace older poorly functioning or dead skin cells.

Cellular Senescence: This describes the state in which cells can no longer divide i.e. reproduce. Senescent cells no longer fulfil their correct functions. Cells become senescent through natural ageing or from UV induced DNA damage. *Note: a main consequence of unprotected UV exposure is DNA harm within the dermis. This is why leaving skin unprotected is a leading cause of premature skin ageing.

The Healing Cascade: A sequence of events instigated by the body to repair and rebuild damaged or aged dermal tissue. This process is harnessed by Medical Aesthetics by initiating the cascade by purposeful, controlled micro-injuries.

As we grow older, the rate of Cellular Turnover decreases, Cellular Senescence is sped up and the Healing Cascade weakens. Cells with impaired functioning can cause changes in texture, dullness in appearance, and various other unwanted marks of ageing.


Non-Surgical Rejuvenation

Chemical Peels – These are uniquely formulated in various strength levels based on skin type and indications present. Peels can achieve significant results through controlled chemical exfoliation. They eliminate cells which are no longer working i.e. senescent cells. While doing this they increase Cellular Turnover. Active ingredients which support The Healing Cascade are then applied to provide nourishment and aid the reconstruction of vital inner skin structures.
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Platelet Rich Plasma – This superb treatment deserves to receive extra attention because it is so effective at facilitating excellent anti-ageing outcomes using only what the body already possesses. Platelets are astounding in that they can become whichever cells are required. By careful harvesting and separating, a Platelet Rich Plasma can be delivered directly to the site of damaged/aged skin. Once there, these incredible platelets powerfully assist in the creation of new, firm, smooth, and unblemished skin. The remarkable affects possible via Platelet Therapy has been extensively researched.
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Non-Surgical Facelift – Using injectables, expert application allows for subtle but significant contouring. Dermal Fillers have evolved; they now consist of a wide range of purpose-specific formulations of varying particle size and viscosity. Precision and skill are essential for creating a younger, refreshed aesthetic.
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Surgical Rejuvenation

Facelift Surgery – A surgical approach that strategically repositions existing fatpads and underlying muscle, then eliminating excess skin. This approach is considered permanent and can assist with a specific target area, including the jawline and jowls or the entire face.
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