Bingo Wings are the unofficial name for those pesky loose folds of skin &/ excess fat and tissue located in the upper arm area. If existing Bingo Wings bother you, you are not alone; they are a common concern presented to Cosmetic Surgeons as they easily detract from one’s ideal aesthetic.

Here is what causes them as well as what natural and medical options are available to assist if you desire to change their impact on your aesthetic.

Who do Bingo Wings affect?

Bingo Wings can affect any individual at any age although they get progressively worse with age. The severity of Bingo Wings will be influenced by genetics and lifestyle. On the whole, women tend to suffer from them more than men. This is due to hormonal fluctuations that affect the cellular structure of fat cells and the fact that fat cells are more widely distributed in female bodies as compared to males. Individuals who have undergone significant weight loss are likely to experience more pronounced Bingo Wings.

What creates Bingo Wings?

While unsightly Bingo Wings may feel like a personal affliction, take heart – these aesthetic detractors affect many with varying severity. Why? Because each of us contains the components which underlie their creation.

Bingo Wings are formed by an accumulation of fatty cells on the underside of the upper arm. The breakdown of collagen within the skin and the weakened internal structures result in sagging skin, the most recognizable symptom associated with Bingo Wings.

Personal Changes capable of positively influencing the appearance of Bingo Wings
• A well-balanced diet rich in whole foods can assist in maintaining a healthy and stable weight. The removal of excess fat being stored within fat cells naturally diminishes Bingo Wings.
• Regular workout regimes that included exercises specifically targeting the upper arm and triceps will cultivate improved muscle tone thus having a positive effect on the visibility of Bingo Wings.
• An awareness of environmental elements that contribute to and accelerate premature ageing can guide lifestyle choices and allow for conscientious decision-making. Choosing to protect the skin and inhibit free radical damage via antioxidants is of long-term benefit to the structural integrity of skin. Strong cellular matrix’s within the skin will delay premature ageing including skin’ laxity.

Creating permanent change quickly
The shape and structure of Bingo Wings differs widely. Not all types of Bingo Wings will respond readily to exercise or other lifestyle changes.

For individuals with stubborn fat deposits or loose surplus skin present, the Cosmetic Surgery Brachioplasty may offer an optimal route to results.


What is a Brachioplasty?

Brachioplasty also referred to as an ‘Arm Lift’ is a surgery performed on the upper arm area. During this procedure, an incision is made on the underside of arm. Exact placement and length will vary but may run as long as from elbow to armpit. Through this entry point superfluous skin and fat is removed, then muscle and remaining tissue are repositioned before the incision is closed.

Brachioplasty is a viable, effective approach to getting rid of Bingo Wings that provides lasting permanent results.

Brachioplasty Surgery specifically:
• Removes loose and sagging or droopy skin
• Eliminates excess fat
• Diminishes localised fat deposits (in upper arm area)
• Tightens underlying muscle
• Smooths and sculpts to reshape
• Contours to increase a ‘toned’ look.


Brachioplasty Recovery

Brachioplasty is performed in theatre and is followed by an overnight stay. Once discharged, patients recover is the comfort of their own homes. Assistance will be needed, so have a friend or family member on hand to help for the first 24-48 hours.

Initial symptoms may include swelling and discomfort. Most patients describe more ‘tightness’, than pain, following a Brachioplasty. Diligent pain management is recommended for several days following the surgery. Movement will need to be restricted and compression garments will be supplied.

Arm movement above the head may need to be limited for up to four to six weeks following surgery, but one should be able to return to non-physical active employment within two weeks. Results will be visible nearly immediately but will emerge with more exactness once healing is complete and swelling has subsided. For best results follow the surgeon’s specific instructions.


Dr Potgieter

Brachioplasty is a cosmetic body-contouring surgery that is accompanied by a high rate of patient satisfaction. Dr Potgieter maintains strict standards of medical adherence to established surgical techniques and protocols. He is board-certified with a good standing and has experience performing Brachioplasty Surgery.

Before any treatment or surgery is decided upon; physical indications should be assessed, health history should be explored, expectations and desires as well as questions and concerns should be addressed. Click here to book a consultation for a personal assessment in order to determine what choices might be appropriate or whether Cosmetic Surgery could stand to be a suitable option to meet your individual needs.

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