The Tummy is consistently a popular region to target with aesthetic interventions… Why? Because the abdomen, stomach and waistline easily showcase features that can negatively impacts the shape, silhouette and contours in an unflattering way that detracts from one’s overall aesthetic.

Regardless of how you refer to a waistline that is undesired; I.e. fire-belly, pot-belly, breadbasket, paunch, muffin top, love-handles, middle-edge spread, post-baby belly and so-on… Dissatisfaction with the size or shape of ones belly is a common sentiment.

If you long to alter yours, you are not alone. This is a simple guide on how to effectively target the different types of tummies.

To Shape the Tummy, first things first; Lifestyle and Exercise

Before you consider surgery start with healthy eating, sleeping well and an active lifestyle. These factors will eliminate a wide variety of unwanted indications including quantities of excess fat and poor muscle tone. Get going with the exercises provided in our 8 week Ab Challenge as a jumping off point if you need one.

One ought to be in the region of their ideal weight and in good health before any decision to pursue a surgical treatment is taken.

Correct Treatment Choices

Unfortunately, not all belly-woes can be solved easily through the means of diet and exercise. Often times, past pregnancies, hormonal conditions, genetics and other challenges – prove to be formidable obstacles in achieving an aesthetically ideal tummy.

When an individual hits a plateau of diet resistant fat that won’t budge, aesthetic intervention can be valuable. This is also true when significant excess loose skin is present.

Different procedures treat different indications. Addressing the tummy you have – correctly, can ensure it is transformed into the tummy you want!


3 Types of Tummies

1. Stretch Marks & Wrinkles; aka ‘Fire-Belly’, ‘Pooch’, or ‘Post-baby belly’ (Poor Skin Tone)

Indications: Stretch Marks happen when skin is stretched too quickly or beyond the dermal structure elasticity capacity. Some of their causes include stress hormones, weight gain and/or pregnancy. They appear as lines on the skin which are a different colour and texture than the surrounding skin. While they can appear anywhere on the body, they are very common on the abdomen.

Sagging skin is an attribute following weight loss or giving birth. Muscle separation in the abdomen, that often takes place during pregnancy, can make it extremely difficult to regain a firm tightness in this region. Loose skin ranges from minimal to extreme. In severe cases, Cosmetic Surgery is often considered the most effective way to eliminate folds of sagging skin.

Treatment: A Tummy Tuck is a procedure directly aimed at removing excess skin. It also shifts, tightens and aligns muscles. Visible stretch marks, extra tissue and fat can be removed. The remaining skin and tissue are repositioned to create a flat and smooth abdomen.
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2. Small Belly; aka ‘Pot-belly’ or ‘Love-handles’ (Excess fat)

Indications: This stomach is characterized by good skin quality but features a pouch of extraneous subcutaneous fat. This type of fat is located right under the skin and is the kind you can easily pinch. While this variety of fat is the least dangerous from a health perspective it is frequently cited as the most problematic and unsightly. It is often stubborn and resistant to diet  and exercise attempts to remove it.

Treatment: Apply Liposuction to eliminate deposits of unwanted fat and accomplish precision shaping. Micro-gauge needles and a blunt tip cannula can keep downtime to an absolute minimum. While Large Volume Liposuction does require general anaesthesia in theatre, Small Volume Liposuction can be performed as a day case procedure.
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3. Bulging Tummy a.k.a. Stress belly or Bloated Belly

Indications: This tummy is firm, overly round and may even appear distended. The fat is thick, not loose and it is not ‘pinch-able’. Factors in the formation of this type of belly are various. Stress and hormonal conditions may serve as underlying causes. Digestive disturbances and excess gas precipitated by food allergies or too much alcohol are also potential contributing elements. Certain health conditions and medications have also been implicated.

Treatment: Surgery is not an applicable treatment in the case of this type of belly. Rather focus on finding and eliminating the causes or strTummyessors and then improve belly shape and size through lifestyle shifts. If you struggle during the process seek the professional advice of your medical doctor or a Dietician.

Once this tummy is regulated, stable and healthy – the skin quality and overall shape will accurately indicate what recommendations are appropriate.


Moving Forward; From the belly you have to the tummy you want.

For individual advice and to determine exactly what options are available – a Doctor’s consultation and assessment is required.

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