You can experience and emerge from Lockdown looking beautiful and brimming with confidence. The current times offer unique benefits to those exploring Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Procedures.

Available Treatments Include:

Dermal Fillers & Botox
Chemical Peels & Resurfacing
Breast Augmentation
Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)
Facelift (Non-surgical)
Rhinoplasty (Non-surgical)
• Body Contouring using Small Volume Liposuction
Reconstructive Surgeries
• Earlobe Surgery (Otoplasty)
Mole Removal
Calf Implants

Why Wintertime is Ideal for Cosmetic Surgery

Taking the season into account is nothing new when it comes to preparing and planning for Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Procedures. Smart Scheduling allows for a safe Recovery Time and the utilization of seasonal elements to one’s benefit.

Wintertime has long been favoured for these reasons…

• It is so much easier & more comfortable to be immobile indoors during cold weather periods.
• In cold temperatures, it is not an issue to wear the recommended compression garments. Greater adherence to recovery protocols equals greater safety & better final results.
• Winter clothing easily camouflages and conceals compression garments, post-surgery medical dressings, &/ any temporary inflammation.
• Wearing COVID 19 Facemasks and sunglasses covers almost the entire face, making it very easy to ‘hide’ during the recovery period.
• Avoidance of strong UV exposure is required and made easier with shorter cold days. This is often done to prevent scarring.
• Motivation is revived to step into the spring season feeling fresh and confident.
• Recovery is complete before spring fashion and summer holidays arrive.

Extra Advantages of Lockdown

Lockdown in South Africa has equalled an enforced interruption to daily life and work routines. While these have posed challenges of their own and continue to do so; they also hold opportunities.

In relation to aesthetic adjustments here are a few stand out ways Lockdown results in a simplified recovery process.

• No need to ‘avoid’ the office as Employers continue giving work-from-home mandates precedent.
• Mandated limits on social engagement present a natural excuse for necessary recovery downtime.
• Less distractions result in full adherence to surgeons’ strict recovery protocol.
• Travel restrictions make staying at home: a less restrictive option.
• Plenty of time to rest for a full recovery, as activities are limited.
• Adequate time for best results to appear before going out in public.

For more on Lockdown Pick-me-Up Treatments, you can click here.

Don’t be Shy

Current regulations allow for certain Cosmetic Surgeries & Aesthetic Procedures. With our office suites being located within the Sandton MediClinic Hospital; our Clients undergo procedures with peace of mind knowing that the highest safety protocols have been mandated and managed professionally from the start. Your health, confidence, and comfort are our highest priorities!

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Risk Management Overview:
◦ Hospital-grade health management strategies strictly adhered too
◦ Outpatient Procedures are Preferable
◦ Healthy adult patients are optimally suitable
◦ Viral screening implemented

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