When changing and altering one’s personal aesthetics, it is often the case that less is more. Minor changes that target and eliminate niggling concerns can have a profoundly positive impact.

Breast Aesthetics

Breasts play a unique role in the female psyche. As such their aesthetic role is often prominent both to one’s overall perceived aesthetic and the way one feels about themselves. Cosmetic Surgery is frequently a means to address and change the shape, size and appearance of the breasts.

While the range of interventions available is extensive; it is important to realize that not all these surgeries are considered major surgeries. Several options exist for altering the breasts with minor surgeries.

Minor Surgeries capable of addressing the Breasts

Beyond the Full Breast Augmentation and Full Breast Lift surgeries, are a host of less invasive alternatives. Minor surgeries for the breasts focus on minor alterations. These include:
1. Asymmetry
2. Beauty Spots
3. Nipple and Areola aesthetics
4. Scar Revision
5. minor revisions after Reconstruction.


1. Breast Asymmetry:

While no human body is ever perfectly symmetrical, some instances of asymmetry are severe and prove to be an aesthetic and self-confidence issue. If Breast Asymmetry is a niggling breast aesthetics’ concern take note that it is possible to create symmetry with aesthetic intervention.

• Small Volume Liposuction is employed to reduce areas of diet resistant fat or fat that can not be targeted effectively through exercise. Treatment areas include the breasts. *Read about precision shaping using Small Volume Liposuction.

Natural Fat Grafting, also known as Lipofilling, is a process by which one’s own fat is removed from a one site and relocated where it is required. An example is fat removed from the thighs or buttock area could be processed and re-injected into one or both breasts. The fact that it is from one’s own body minimizes the risk of allergic reaction.

These methods may be applied on their own or in tandem. The best approach to achieving breast symmetry will be individually designed and based on your unique body and circumstance.


2. Beauty Spot Removal:

Undesired moles and beauty spots can be located in intimate areas such as the breasts. Regardless of whether the spot is an aesthetic worry or a health concern – utilizing a Cosmetic Surgeon’s skill in having such spots removed has its benefits. These include increased sensitivity to aesthetic concerns, comfort in a specialized practice setting, and professional advice regarding scar minimizing after-care for breast aethetics.


3. Nipple & Areola Aesthetics:

The nipples and the areolas that surrounds have a significant part to play in overall breast aesthetics. Minor surgery can work to change unsatisfactory elements in relation to the nipple and/or areola. Surgery is capable of correcting nipple ptosis i.e. drooping nipples through a Nipple Lift.

It can treat a retracted or inverted nipple and address other aesthetic concerns such as resizing or reducing the size of large, wide or asymmetrical areolae or nipples, abnormal texture and puffiness, as well as shifting placement or relocation.


4. Scar Revision Surgery:

This procedure is aimed at minimizing and correcting problematic scars for breast aesthetics. Scars may be the result of illness, trauma or previous surgeries. Scars that pose aesthetic anxiety often feature skin that is differently textured and harder than surrounding skin. They also consist of a significant amount of excess, raised, and puckered tissue. These attributes are seen in varying degrees in the case of Hypertropic, Keloid, and Contracture scars.

While Scar Revision surgery will never completely eliminate a scar, it is capable of reducing its appearance, making it less noticeable, improving skin tone and decreasing physical discomfort. The approach a Surgeon will take depends entirely on each unique presentation of scarring. Surgeries may include skin grafting or tissue expansion among other techniques.


5. Minor revisions after reconstructive surgery:

Once healing is complete after a Breast Reconstructive Surgery, attributes that are less than desirable may be present. These are often minor differences in positioning, shape, size, or balance of one breast when compared to the other. The variables at play here are highly individualized, as such it is unwise to state explicitly which method or technique will be utilized. An experienced Cosmetic Surgeon familiar with Reconstruction is necessary – to create a plan which will safely and effectively address revisions after a reconstructive surgery.

For more on Breast Reconstructive Surgery – simply click here.

Note: For other aesthetic concerns regarding the breasts or additional indications a Breast Lift or Augmentation may be the correct protocol. These can be performed on either one or both breasts. To learn about a combination surgery that pairs Augmentation with Lifting – you can click here.


Small Steps; Significant Transformations

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