Breast Aesthetics

Breast Aesthetics encompass more than cup size; they also include breast profile, shape, and orientation.

While a Breast Augmentation adds volume and a Breast Reduction removes volume; a Breast Lift (Mastopexy) deals with the breast tissue that is. A Breast Lift alters to enhance appearance, firms, and elevates to create an improved contour and shapely silhouette.

Beauty as Poise

Proportion and balance are seamless variables in a pleasing human aesthetic. The female Breast has long been viewed as a symbol and representation of Beauty, its curves and symmetry ensuring its allure through the ages. The Breast most often portrayed and desired possesses its own internal structure which creates its form while retaining its lithe natural look and movement. Breasts which have lost volume, show sagging, or require support from the chest or ribcage are frequently seen as less ideal or less attractive because they are associated with ageing.


Breast Ptosis

Breast Ptosis is defined as the sagging of the Breast and the stretching of the skin around it. It is categorized via a scale which measures nipple position in relation to the infra-mammary fold (the point at which tissue meets the chest beneath the breast). [Source]

What creates Ptosis?

Breast Ptosis is affected, influenced and accelerated by various factors. These include:
• the natural ageing process (including a degradation of skin quality and the slackening of ligaments),
• hormonal changes which affect internal skin structure (i.e. pregnancy and menopause),
• genetics – causing differences in the skin matrix and muscle structure,
• existing breast volume (i.e. larger cup size),
• lifestyle factors which break down elastin within skin (i.e. smoking and others),
• Body Mass Index and significant weight loss,
• the natural laws of physics (i.e. gravity).

Ptosis Prevention

While it is not possible to arrest Ptosis completely, here are three preventative steps which can be implemented.
1. A properly fitted sports bra worn while engaging in vigorous exercise will support the ligaments within breasts (Coopers Ligaments) which are subject to stretching.
2. Weight is not always easily managed but avoiding rapid and drastic weight gain and loss when possible –will assist in staving off Ptosis.
3. Ensure the dermal matrix of Collagen and Elastin within skin is well-cared for with healthy lifestyle choices.


Treating and Reversing Breast Ptosis

Treating and improving the appearance of the Breast Ptosis is possible with a Breast Lift. A Breast Lift is a purely cosmetic procedure and has been shown as an option accompanied by high levels of patient satisfaction. Benefits include a restored breast appearance and less movement of breast tissue – in turn making certain activities more comfortable. These aesthetic positives come alongside psychological shifts which often include more confidence, energy, and contentment with appearance.

Q: Will there be scarring?
A: Yes, any time a surgical intervention takes place there will be some scarring. However, an experienced and proficient Surgeon will choose the most appropriate position such that scarring is discreet. Scars will fade and diminish with time and aftercare for scar healing has evolved to greatly assist in minimizing potential visible scarring.

Q: Will my breasts look bigger or smaller?
A: After a full recovery they ought to be around the size they were previously, just without the stretched and drooping qualities.

Q: I want to change the position of my nipples, can the Doctor change this during a Breast Lift?
A: Yes, a Breast Lift usually involves an incision near the bottom of the areola or around it. As such it is an ideal time to reposition and resize; ask your Doctor to comment on your specific aesthetic goals and desires.

You can read about “The Role of the Nipple and Areola in Breast Aesthetics”, by clicking here.


What is the Breast Lift Process?

Indications: A Breast Lift is a surgical intervention to correct drooping, stretched, elongated, and downward orientated breasts. The technique advised is based on each individual and takes into account; existing breast and skin characteristics, the grade of Ptosis presented, the size and positioning of the areola, and excess skin.

Procedure: Breast Lift Surgery is performed in theatre. It is performed in one to two hours. Incision placement is determined by the surgical objectives and one’s anatomical realities.

Through the incision points excess skin is removed, existing tissues is repositioned and reshaped. The areola and nipple are re-oriented to be in a more forward position and in some instances reduced in size as required. When this is complete, sutures are strategically placed within skin layers to reinforce the Surgeon’s reshaping. Skin is tightened while being sutured.

*Common incision-placements encircle the entire areola, move from the bottom of the areola down to the breast crease, and along the crease.

Recovery: A Breast Lift Surgery does not require you stay overnight but it does necessitate that a friend or family member be available to transport you and provide care immediately following.

Pain and inflammation will likely be at its worst in the first 24 to 48 hours but will diminish with time. A minimum of a few days of scheduled downtime to rest is necessary. Compression or special post-operative garments may be recommended. Certain activities will need to be restricted in the week following. To facilitate the recovery process, follow your Surgeon’s instructions to the letter!

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Results: A Breast Lift will result in a firmer, shapelier, rejuvenated appearance of the breasts. Initial results should be visible directly afterwards, but final results will only appear as recovery progresses.


Which approach will work best for me?

The Surgeon who you choose ought to be willing and able to answer all your questions and present you with the full range of options available to treat the presented indications. For some individuals, a classical Breast Lift Surgery will provide the full advantages and alterations required. Other women will stand to gain from a pairing of surgeries. To understand Combination Surgeries – click here to learn more.


The Ideal Candidate for Breast Lift Surgery

Ideal candidates will be healthy and close to their ideal body weight. No individual will be recommended for surgery without a personal consultation which will include health history, aesthetic goals, and suitability screening.

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