Focus Combination: Breast Augmentation + Breast Lift + Liposuction

In a Combination Surgery, two or more procedures are performed within the same theatre-session.

When possible, this option offers unique benefits to individuals who desire to alter more than one feature to create balanced proportions.

Surgeries that address Silhouette

Breast Augmentation is and will remain a hugely popular Cosmetic Surgery on its own. However, since it does not address the orientation or lift of the breasts it is often paired with a Breast Lift. Explore this surgical duo in detail – via the following article.

A lesser known combination available to address the entire torso – is the combination of a Breast Augmentation and Lift Surgery with an added Liposuction treatment.


Why do these three surgeries go together so well?

This unique combination surgery can create a contouring transformation. Here is what each separate surgery contributes:
Breast Augmentation – Provides volume in line with proportions, personal ideal, and aesthetic desires.
Breast Lift – Places breasts in ideal orientation. Capable of altering nipple and areola size and positioning. Adds ‘perkiness’.
Liposuction – Refines shape by eliminating niggling Diet-Resistant Fat also known as Stubborn Fat deposits.

Performed together these three procedures can create harmonious curves and contours.

Did you know? If you undergo Liposuction, it is possible to administer Natural Fat Fillers to areas of the face &/ body. Read more here.


The Science of Beauty

Beauty is not just in the eye of the beholder – there is a science to it. Beauty is in mathematical ratio’s and this combination surgery makes it possible to achieve these.

• Reducing excess fat on the upper arms, side of breasts, back or abdomen -highlights the supplemented curves of the breasts.
• Therefore, by removing fat from peripheral areas, less volume may be required for the Breast Augmentation.
• Lifting – at the same time as reducing body fat and augmenting breast volume – can result in beautiful contours.

By addressing these key areas with an artful eye, skilled technique and precise treatment objectives – it is possible to bring forth balanced proportions.


Other built-in Benefits to Combination Surgeries

· Cost Effective & Time Saving – Scheduling one appointment to perform several procedures reduces the total time in theatre and often cuts accompanying medical costs. This allows combination surgeries to be cost-effective when compared to multiple individual surgeries done separately.
· Reduced Downtime – Combination surgeries carry the reward of two to three procedures for the required downtime of one.
· Fine Tuned Results – Addressing key aesthetic focal points together allows for a scenario in which alterations done in tandem – highlight and complement each other.


What does this combination surgery entail?

Before any course of action is chosen, a consultation is required to determine if this surgery is a suitable option. Health history, current health and expectations must be evaluated. Total time in theatre will differ for each individual but is likely to range between two to three and a half hours.

Scheduled surgeries take place in the Sandton MediClinic. Following a combination surgery; you will be requested to spend the night in-clinic following surgery.

What to expect during recovery?

This surgery will necessitate scheduled downtime of up to two weeks. Friend &/ Family Support will need to be enlisted during the first several days. During the recovery period one needs to sleep on their back and limit physical movement. Compression garments may be prescribed. Major discomfort should subside within 24-48 hours.

Results will only appear after swelling has subsided and recovery is complete which could be between four to six weeks.


Personalized Post-Care

Dr Potgieter will provide complete care instructions that are personalized. It is important to follow these precisely. After surgery, the Doctor is available to answer questions, perform check-ups and provide post-operative care.

Receive Care with Confidence

Dr Potgieter’s professional practice is located in the Sandton MediClinic. This location is an excellent venue for this triple combination surgery and is preferable to a day clinic setting.

Why? Twenty-four hour stays and medical observation is standard, not an exception. This locale offers state of the art medical technology, the utmost in comfort and professional care, a convenient location and the services of experienced staff.

Family and friends can be confident in the quality of care you will receive. Should any unusual complication arise, the medical team is well-equipped to respond. Rest easily with advanced pain alleviating control and excellent bedside overnight care.

Surgeon Choice

Dr Anton Potgieter is a full member of the APRSSA (Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of South Africa), the HPCSA (Health Professions Council of South Africa). His clinic upholds strict hygiene standards. He and his team are dedicated to caring for Patients as individuals with unique needs.

Your journey begins with a personal assessment with the opportunity to explore what options would be suitable in order to target and resolve problematic or concerning physical indications and achieve aesthetic goals. For your personal assessment – click here to book a consultation.

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