Is Cosmetic Surgery allowed?

Shifting regulations and lack of clarity regarding various lockdown levels has left people wondering – “what is possible?”. Cosmetic Surgery and non-surgical aesthetic treatments are permitted and performed daily.

Procedures remain accessible and are made approachable by risk management upheld by Professionals.


Daycase Breast Augmentation Protocol

Safety protocols strictly followed. These include but are not limited to the following:
• Surgery scheduled for the morning so that discharge is possible the same day.
• Each individual tested and cleared 48-72 hours prior to scheduled surgery.
• No contact with high-risk patients or suspect cases.
• Private recovery wards for Cosmetic Surgery are separate from those of general hospital admittance.
• Visitors are not permitted.
• Strict standards and international best practice protocols in place for the entire health facility.
• Same-day recovery in your own home!


Qualities of Breast Surgery which lend to ease of access:

Breast surgery describes and encompasses a range of surgeries that alter size, shape, placement, and may even reconstruct the breast.

These are well-established and routine procedures that are predictable. Candidates are determined through personal consultation with the Cosmetic Surgeon who thoroughly discusses expectations, risks, and health history. Surgical objectives and specific techniques will be agreed and explained beforehand.

Breast surgeries do not tend to be exceedingly time intensive – so time in theatre is limited thus lowering accompanying risks.


Confidence in Aesthetic Choices

Breast surgeries are accompanied by a high level of patient-satisfaction. While your health and safety has always been a top priority; the practical ways and methods in which this is achieved has never been spotlighted more brightly. The Health Professionals at hand to serve and perform Cosmetic Surgery operate under the strictest of safety guidelines.

Dr Potgieter’s daycase venue is a controlled environment where the standards are maintained by professionals – who have the education and qualifications to understand the value of each protocol.

Scheduling priority allows Breast Surgery’ Patients to be in and out of the clinic with no overnight stay required.


Moving Forward into a Beautiful Future

Seize the day and schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr Potgieter today to discuss what options are available and how to best move forward towards achieving your aesthetics goals.

One no longer needs to put-off or feel stuck-in-time enduring an endless sense of waiting. It is entirely possible to undergo the surgery &/ non-surgical treatment that you desire – and safely so, especially when working with Professionals who are qualified within the Medical Industry.

Furthermore, the currently encouraged work-from-home mandates and the social calender postponement lend themselves to a restful recovery of healing at home. It is an opportune time.

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