Equal Opportunity Rejuvenation is inclusive of Men’s Aesthetics

The world we inhabit is a visual one. Conscientiousness about appearance, image, and aesthetic is a natural reflection of this. Traditionally, men had the sole avenues of fitness training and nutrition to create change in their physical form. Thankfully, this has changed. Men are availing themselves of the techniques and opportunities on offer through medical aesthetics.

What do men want?

Men want to enact some control over the aesthetic that they present to the world and want to enjoy the way they feel. This translates into treatments that focus and work to:

• Achieve a symmetrical and well-balanced aesthetic.
• Prevent and eliminate signs of visible ageing.
• Address and correct both small irritations and confidence-sapping concerns.


Common Concern Areas for Men

Many aesthetic and ageing priorities remain the same across gender and sex. However, the statistics of procedures undergone in the United States shed some light on what areas men consider to be of a higher priority for treatment.

• Neck & Jowl attributes that affect jawline
• Drooping Cheeks & Eyelids
• Facial Features: Eyelids, Nose, & Lips
• Stubborn Fat Deposits
• Calf & Lower Body Contouring
• Excess Hair
• Dermal Texture & Skin Surface

It is worth noting that all of these Men’s Aesthetics concerns can be effectively addressed both surgically and non-surgically. The non-surgical approach will require maintenance but can serve as a precursor to an investment in surgery which is considered permanent.


Popularity of Procedures within Men’s Aesthetics

Statistically speaking these are the top five male cosmetic surgeries performed by Board Certified Surgeons in 2020.*

Men’s Aesthetics Surgery

1. Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty)
2. Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)
3. Cheek Implant (Malar Augmentation)
4. Liposuction
5. Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Also of interest, the significant increase (since 2000) in the following:
• Buttock Lift surgery increased by +600%
• Lower Body Lift surgery increased by +250%
• Thigh Lift surgery increased by +139%

Non-Surgical, the significant increase (since 2000) in the following:
• Soft tissue filler use increased by (+137%)
• Botulinum Toxin Type A (+182%)

Statistical Source: Updated April 27th 2021


Refined for Life

Feeling one’s best is a proactive process; eat clean, exercise, and live well.

If professional assistance is required to alter a feature or shift an aesthetic – no need to be shy, just get it sorted and enjoy moving on. Regardless of whether you are male or female; the opportunity to address, treat, and change characteristics and qualities of your aesthetics is within reach.

A well-chosen intervention can be enjoyed for life.

Choosing a Doctor

During a personal one-on-one consultation; treatment approaches, health history, expectations, and risks will be discussed in-depth as they pertain to your personal situation. The surgeon you choose should be experienced in male cosmetic procedures, reputable, board-certified (in good standing), and able to answer your questions.

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Everyone’s Safety

Your health and safety is our job. As medical professionals, our profession is committed to Patient well-being. From consultations, treatments, and surgeries: Dr Potgieter and Staff will create comfort and peace of mind with implementation of strict precautionary protocol.

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