Giving birth changes one’s body is many ways; some expected and others less so. Mentally it takes time to get used to the rewards and demands of being a Mom. Physical changes also have a big impact on how one feels.

These include muscle atrophy and weakening, joint changes resulting from Relaxin the hormone that relaxes the pelvic girdle, diastasis (a separation of the abdominal muscles), sleep impairment, fatigue, and more. [1]

The journey back to feeling good again is best approached without comparing yourself to others. Start where you are and begin with health-provider-approved exercise(s).


Baby Steps: Safely Resuming Exercise post-birth

Exercise delivers benefits before, throughout and after pregnancy – it has been shown to lessen symptoms of post-partum depression. [2]

The type of birth you experience will affect your Doctor’s recommendations on how to safely resume exercise.

Whether you are cleared to start gentle exercise a few days after birth, several weeks later, or only after a 6 week post-operative check-up; it is best to start your Mommy Makeover slowly. Your body has undergone a transformation in giving birth so breathe deep, let go of strict mandates, and quiet harsh demands. Learning to adapt to the reality of being a new Mom takes time. Loss of sleep, body aches, and a difficulty resuming routine is all part of the process; going with the flow allows one to let go of self-judgment, enjoy the journey, and allows you to be better equipped for success once you get your exercise routine established again.


Getting your Body Back

Don’t be seduced or discouraged by instagram accounts showcasing remarkable returns to better-than-ever new Mom bodies. The reality is that targeting pregnancy weight, regaining muscle tone, and feeling strong again not only requires diligence, it also necessitates the opportunities to do so too. Creating time for selfcare is valuable for everyone.

Getting your body back into a shape that you feel great in – is possible but it won’t happen overnight. To be safe, start with regular exercise that prioritizes listening to where your body is now, rather than where it once was.

Enjoy trying a variety of routines and exercises that directly target post-birth effected regions such as pelvic floor muscles, upper thighs, and the abdominal muscles. Realistic expectations are important; give yourself a minimum of twelve weeks to affect pregnancy weight gain.

Keep in mind that while consistent exercise can be very effective at curbing new-Mom body concerns it is not the only option available within the transformative journey of a Mommy Makeover.


Mommy Makeover: A Surgical Intervention

Some physical after-effects of creating a family are not easily erased by exercise. An altered Body Image can become a more serious issue for some women; lowering confidence and interfering with quality of life.

Cosmetic Surgery may in some instances allow for a reclamation of Self and a restoration of desired body aesthetics.

Specific procedures are capable of addressing niggling concerns that can not otherwise be remedied. These include the removal of loose and sagging skin, elimination of stubborn exercise resistant fat deposits, improving stretch marks, tightening stomach muscles, &/ repositioning or re-contouring the breasts.

A Mommy Makeover may consist of one or more of the following:
Liposuction (often including the Neck)
Breast Augmentation & Lift
Tummy Tuck


Back to You via a personalized Mommy Makeover!

The best You is always evolving. While becoming a Parent irrevocably changes some aspects of Life; resigning yourself to an aesthetic that does not “feel like you” doesn’t have to be one of them. Avoid years of side-lining yourself & bearing insecurities along with disappointing Spa days.

Now that you have had stubborn fat removed, ligaments & muscles tightened & excess skin resolved for a smooth & refined aesthetic – you can enjoy a firm foundation to resume your lifestyle as an active Mother & Woman.

If your Family is complete and exercise is failing to restore the body aesthetic you desire, it is time to give yourself the gift of a consultation. A one-on-one chat with Dr Potgieter will explore, explain, and answer questions about what options are available, realistic expectations, risks, and recovery process. Correctly chosen surgical intervention can be highly rewarding for women who love being Moms and also want to love their post-childbirth body again.

It doesn’t have to be an either-or-choice, you can have the family you hold dear and a body you feel great in too! Everyone wants Mom to be happier, & there is no need to feel guilty for investing in this. Should you wish to, click here to schedule a consultation today.

*Covid-19 safety precautions and protocols are thorough, well-established, and centered on the enhanced safety of all as can be seen via the articleHow Daycase Breast Surgeries are being performed during COVID”.

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