A restorative aesthetic alternative that delivers long-lasting, personalized, and predictable results surpassing the limitations of less permanent approaches.

Natural Ageing
Underlying skin structures and the dermal surface are affected by time.
• The production of Collagen and Elastin slows
• Cumulative UV damage becomes more noticeable
• Skin becomes thinner
• Fat pads & facial muscles shift as ligaments slacken
• Dermal texture dulls and is marred by lines and wrinkles

The biological ageing process usually becomes evident around the age of thirty (to some degree) and progresses from there. Genetics, environmental factors (including stress), and lifestyle all contribute to the appearance and speed of visible ageing. While a consistent consideration of skincare basics and an investment in minimally invasive aesthetic procedures will assist to delay ageing; they are not appropriate for treatment of more advanced indications of ageing.

The predictably reliable and first-class permanent results made possible through a Surgical Facelift are not available via any other aesthetic intervention.


Distinguishing Rewards of a Surgical Facelift

Facelift Surgery is the best aesthetic option capable of:
• Facial & Neck contouring and shaping at the same time,
• Correcting multiple ageing concerns simultaneously,
• Providing lasting low-maintenance results.

As such, its long-standing popularity and status as a highly effective gold-standard anti-ageing solution is secure.


What can a Surgical Facelift treat?

All aspects of visible ageing on the upper, mid, and lower sections of the face and neck can be addressed during a Facelift surgery.
• Sagging, drooping, loose skin
• Deep wrinkles and lines
• Loss of facial definition between features
• Fat pads that have drooped.
• Jowls, double-chins i.e. ‘turkey-neck’


How is a Surgical Facelift performed?

Traditional Facelift

This Facelift is the most extensive and effective at addressing substantial ageing around mid-face and neck.

Precisely placed incisions behind the hairline, ear, and temples allow for the Surgeon to remove excess skin, then reposition the underlying tissues, before smoothing and contouring the final result. Potential for scarring is reduced by hiding incisions in natural skin folds.

More recovery time is needed compared to that of a Mini-Facelift but the results are equally more significant!


Mini Facelift

The less intensive slightly-altered Mini Facelift procedure focuses on targeting indications of ageing that have become apparent but have not yet developed to be “severe”. It utilizes fewer and shorter incisions located close to the ears. Through these, tissues within the cheeks are lifted and tightened. Recovery is often less substantial than with a Traditional Facelift. This surgery is ideal for younger patients or those with milder visible ageing symptoms seeking to rejuvenate and eliminate a ‘tired’ look.

Combination Facelift

The opportunities to combine other surgeries with a Facelift:
· Eyelid Surgery – The only* available way to eliminate sagging or droopy excess skin near the eyelids.
· A Neck Lift – Capable of significantly reshaping the neck through trimming and tightening.
· Natural Fat Filler / Augmentation – Replacing or augmenting fat loss for all-natural improved surface tone.
· Skin Surface Treatments – The inclusion of non-surgical treatments to improve the skin surface may be recommended post-surgery recovery.

*When it is stated “the only available way” it is done out of honesty. Dr Potgieter is skilled at administering both non-surgical treatments and performing Cosmetic &/ Reconstructive Surgery. As such, he is able to accurately convey when non-surgical alternatives are available and when they would fall short of creating a satisfying aesthetic result. To see what is possible via a Non-Surgical Facelift, you can click here.


Facelift Recovery Overview

Scheduled downtime is required following a Surgical Facelift. While the type of procedure undergone will dictate the recovery protocols, plan for a minimum of two weeks recovery time. The majority of swelling and bruising will occur in the first seven days after surgery but will decrease with time. Post-surgery instructions are likely to include: sleeping with your head elevated, halting vigorous exercise for up to four weeks, and taking extra care to avoid sun exposure. Most individuals feel comfortable being out in public after the two-week mark.


Results to Look Forward Too!

Expect excellent results from a Facelift surgery. A Surgical Facelift is considered to be permanent. Once recovery is complete, your rejuvenated look is to be enjoyed for ten years or even more.

Forever You!

A Surgical Facelift is a complex and individualized surgical procedure. Target goals will inform the exact surgical techniques utilized. A one-on-one consultation with a Dr Potgieter, who is highly experienced in Cosmetic & Reconstructive facial surgeries, will allow you to determine which options are suitable in achieving your distinct aesthetic goals. Discuss health history, expectations, risks and get answers to any questions that arise.

• Rigorous Health ProtocolsStrict safety protocols and guidelines are followed, as can be seen via the articleHow Daycase Breast Surgeries are being performed during COVID

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