Clean Living

A concentrated effort on cultivating well-being through a healthy lifestyle can be very rewarding in a myriad of ways.

Shaping and toning one’s physical form through physical exercise, engaging in mindful habits to combat stress, and choosing healthy whole foods in a well-balanced diet – can all lend themselves to a sense of strength and confidence. Attributes that play a role in satisfaction, success, and a healthy sense of ‘self’.

When ‘a lot’ is still ‘not enough’?

Individuals who practice moderation in lifestyle and nutrition still face roadblocks and challenges when it comes to achieving their goals. Aesthetically speaking, this can be especially the case when it comes to the lower abdominal region. This area is often difficult to tame as multiple biological factors contribute to making the region resistant to change.


What creates ‘a little tummy’

Multiple interfacing components are responsible for what is visibly seen as a loss of definition, a ‘little tummy’, a ‘pot belly’, or sagging loose skin on the lower abdomen.

These include, for both men and women, the following:
• Hormonal shifts that accompany age predispose to the retainment of subcutaneous fat. These changes begin in puberty but continue throughout one’s twenties, thirties, and beyond.
• Metabolic slowing.
• Natural skin structure erosion
• Muscles, ligaments & tendons become stretched
• Sitting and elements of ‘desk-life’ lend themselves to weakened abdominal muscles.
• Significant weight loss or change in shape.
• Certain medications, surgery, and/or physical trauma
• Genetics

Women Only:
• The rigours of pregnancy, natural birth, or caesarean section often stretch, tear, and/or create separation between abdominal muscles.


Advantages of a Tummy Tuck for Healthy Candidates

Individuals who are already invested and taking pride in how they live are ideal candidates for surgical interventions such as an Abdominoplasty.

A Tummy Tuck is an accessible refining procedure which can significantly impact your overall aesthetic through assistance with influencing the elements that are out of your control.

This surgery along with others like it, such as Liposuction, are not designated as weight loss procedures. They are suitable only for those who possess a stable weight within a healthy Body Mass Index.

Men and women who are dedicated to fitness and health are in excellent position to recovery quickly from a Tummy Tuck and obtain substantial aesthetic benefit in line with their hard-won healthy physique.


Why Invest in a Tummy Tuck?

Diet and fitness deliver results; but these aren’t always up-to-par with our aesthetic goals. A Tummy Tuck can specifically correct physical barriers to abdominal shape and contour features which are still unresolved despite targeted effort and careful lifestyle choices.
• Tighten, reposition, or reattach stretched muscles and tendons.
• Remove stubborn pockets of fat.
• Eliminate excess and/or loose skin and tissue.
• Eliminate bumps and the ‘paunch’.

Successful Recovery

Recovery from a Tummy Tuck will depend on the type of procedure undergone (extended or mini). The first several days require complete rest and a minimum of movement. From week one and two you can begin to resume daily tasks while following Doctor’s post-op orders. The use of compression garments may be prescribed, and care must be taken with lifting, twisting, and wound care. As recovery progresses, various physical exercises and training activities will be given the green-light by your Doctor.

Rest in knowing that just as soon as you can; you will be back at it, looking and feeling better than ever.

Individuals who undergo the procedure with a good foundation should find it easier get back in the swing of things with their new and improved shape. If you already know what you are capable of; don’t let the recovery period cause undue stress or worry. You have demonstrated your discipline in eating well and training regularly so you can be confident in dialing your exercise regime back up when it is safe to do so.

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