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Choosing to invest in change is a big step. Far from being an impulse decision, the choice to undergo elective cosmetic surgery is one of thought, research, and medical consultation. It is very rarely taken lightly as its potentially life-changing rewards are not without some accompanying risks. During any deliberation process, consideration can be extended to all the factors that come into play; and this includes Timing.

The ‘Correct’ Time for Elective Cosmetic Surgery

Generally speaking, the best time to undergo surgery is when you feel confident regarding your choice of Surgeon, realistic in your expectations, and have few or zero questions that remain unasked and unanswered.

You should feel good about where you are in in your journey, prepared and ready to take this next step. While for some; surgery scheduling choices are restricted by work, family, or social obligations, many individuals have schedule flexibility available to them.

When this is the case; winter often wins out as the ideal season to have your procedure or combination surgery done.


Why Surgery in Winter makes sense?

1. Manage Recovery Easier – Required downtime often proves the most difficult aspect of embracing change. Winter is on your side in this regard though! Shorter days and uninviting outside temperatures make staying inside and taking time-out a little bit easier. Another bonus is that reduced sun and heat actually assist recovery as they help keep you comfortable and make it easier to avoid UV ray exposure (which can interfering with skin healing).

2. Natural Cover-Up Clothing – Winter layers are the perfect comfy camouflage for compression garments, bandages, or post-surgery inflammation and bruising.

3. Lightened Expectations – Lightened social activities, people tend to hibernate in their own homes rather than socializing outdoors. There is less pressure to join in outdoor exercise.

4. No Holiday Stressors – While the holidays may promise delight; they also carry significant stressors for many of us. These you can do without after surgery, keeping the focus solely on your safe recovery.

5. Potential for More Support – You will need some help during recovery. The lack of travel plans and social functions may make more friends and family available to lend a hand or just hang-out during the less-active time of your recovery.

6. Meet Spring & Summer on your own Terms – The time it takes for spring and summer to arrive is the perfect opportunity for post-operative undesirables to fade, stitches to heal and swelling to subside.

7. Seasonal Fashion Changes – Warmer weather invites fewer layers and poses as a natural time to unveil. Enjoy shopping for new form-flattering fashion to usher in the new season and the new you.


Uniquely Yours: Get More with Combination Surgeries

It can be a challenge to decide between different surgical options.

One sure way of creating results you love is through a combination surgery. The correct combination surgery mitigates a difficult ‘either/or decision’ to give you a more desirable ‘both/and option’ that ticks all your boxes for a congruent aesthetic.

It is important to realize that many surgeries can be paired without adding additional risk whilst potentially offering a financial benefit. This is solely due to the combination of prep time, theatre time, and anaesthesia requirements being combined into one session.

Furthermore, contrary to what one might assume, combination surgeries do not always require an overnight stay in clinic. They can be performed in around 2-3 hours and work together to target different indications such that the overall aesthetic is congruent.


Combination Cosmetic Surgeries that provide Significant Aesthetic Impact

1. Liposuction, Fat Augmentation & Gluteal Augmentation

The unique combination of these three surgeries can have impressive contouring results. Liposuction is an excellent aesthetic tool for creating alterations. By removing specific stubborn fat deposits that have resisted attempts to change – one can take away bulk where it is not adding aesthetic value. From this point; the fat removed can then be ‘re-used’ as an all-natural filler in an area where it is desired.

One such example is a natural-fat Gluteal Augmentation which adds volume to the buttocks region – a good alternative to Buttock Implants.

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2. Liposuction & Tummy Tuck Combo

The targeted and focused sculpting made possible by Liposuction paired with a Tummy Tuck can produce significant results for transforming the midriff and torso. The Tummy Tuck firstly tightens slack and loosened abdominal muscles. Secondly, it removes excess skin that is sagging or pouching.

Together, with Liposuction, these two treatments create a formidable approach to tummy woes in order to regain a flatter tummy in-line with the rest of your shape.

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3. Combining Breast Surgeries to resolve each indication

The availability of various Breast surgeries allows for different indications to be targeted. However, it is often the case that more than one indication is to be targeted for a congruent and harmonious aesthetic.

Fortunately, breast surgery procedures are established, safe and predictable. They can be combined in one session for an effective and convenient use of the surgery time. This mitigates multiple surgeries and allows individuals to move forward with their lives.

A personalized approach to your unique body shape and concerns is the best way to achieve a proportionate and harmonious aesthetic that feels like you.

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Proceeding with Professionals

The most effective way to get a full understanding of the options suited to your requirements, indications, and body type is to schedule a consultation.

Dr Potgieter will discuss treatments specifics, personal health history, expectations, and more in a one-on-one session that will help you decide which way forward is appropriately suited or available as a choice capable of addressing your needs.


Confidence in Your Well-Being

In every season Dr Potgieter and his team of medical professionals are committed to the utmost in patient care.

Be at ease knowing that their familiarity with global first-class precautionary methods is being employed to ensure your safety.

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