Addressing long-standing niggling concerns of shape, symmetry or balance can provide a distinct sense of freedom, peace of mind, and a rise in confidence.

Aesthetic Interventions

• Surgical – Surgical interventions are continually being refined. Procedures have become exceedingly individualized and risk management has enhanced. Even so, surgery is not appropriate for everyone. Underlying medical conditions or other reservations may eliminate surgery as a possibility. If surgery is not an option for you but you desire an aesthetic change, consider a non-surgical treatment.

• Non-Surgical Treatments – there are some effective alternatives to Cosmetic Surgery. Results can be significant or very under-emphasized depending on your aesthetic preferences. Non-surgical treatments carry the added advantages of requiring less recovery time and minimized risk. However, it is important to note that even though they are non-surgical, certain procedures should most definitely be administered by a qualified Doctor.

Doctor Recommended Non-Surgical Treatments


Contour & Lift

The art and science of contour and balance is the basis of Aesthetic Medicine. Cosmetic Surgeons are wary to suggest treatments that will not allow for Patient’ satisfaction. After all, Patient’ satisfaction and health are the topmost priority of a Cosmetic Surgeon. With non-surgical techniques, a Facelift, Browlift, and Rhinoplasty it is possible to achieve substantial aesthetic effects. This is due to the expanded range of Dermal Filler formulations designed to create specific outcomes.

In times past, filler was usually injected into a target treatment area, mostly for a simple volume increase. Now, the treatment area is evaluated along with the surrounding areas in terms of bone structure, existing volume, skin condition, and the like.

Impact is created by a holistic view which shifts volume in and around the target area. This allows for a more natural and bespoke outcome.

It is worth noting that Blepharoplasty or Eyelid Surgery does not have non surgical alternatives which are as effective. The good news is that it is a minimally invasive procedure with a short recovery time.


Non-surgical vs. Surgical Pro’s and Con’s

Pro’s include:
• Little to No scheduled downtime
• No general anaesthesia or time in theatre

• Minimally invasive equals lessened risk, however, working near to the eyes is to be recognised for what it is – you not only want professional results, but you also want professional safety. Just because certain treatments have become commonplace, it does not necessarily mean the safety standards are upheld with equal skill.

• Excellent custom results
• Non-permanent results ‘try it and see’ approach allowed
• Less costly
• Allows for enhanced privacy as minimal downtime means fewer questions

Con’s Include:
• Non-permanent
• Results are to be maintained via touch-up appointments
• Incapable of addressing certain aesthetic issues
• Not all Cosmetic Surgeries can be mimicked by non-surgical means


Your Choice in Doctor

It is worth noting that results are intrinsically tied to expertise, ability, and thorough knowledge of both anatomy and aesthetic technique. Any Dermal Filler procedure should be performed by a Medical Doctor. Due to the nature of the procedures discussed, there is considerable value in having injectable work performed by a Board-Certified Cosmetic Surgeon. Their expertise and surgical experience serve to further enhance their ability to effectively bring your aesthetic desires into reality.


Finding a Way Forward that is Right for You

Every aesthetic journey begins with a one-on-one consultation. During this time health history, personal goals, and other considerations can be examined in detail with Dr Potgieter. This is a time for questions, assessment, and better understanding of how treatments create change and what accompanies them. A consultation gives you the information required to assess and know what treatments would be appropriate or available to you and which may not be. Empower your decision-making with knowledge that applies to you as an individual.

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